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USGTC Camp in MA canceled?

Discussion in 'Other Gymnastics' started by IreneKa, Jul 23, 2018.

  1. A friend's daughter was supposed to go to this camp this week, but a few days before the camp was supposed to start they got an email that the camp was cancelled. No explanation, just something about "regulations". Just curious if anyone has any inside information of what happened?
  2. According to one of my coaches who works there every summer, it had something to due with a health department inspection. Camp was supposed to start on Sunday and he was only told about this on Thursday. I'm not sure why it was such short notice. I know a lot of campers and coaches had traveled from far away to come to camp and I feel terrible for them.
  3. That's crazy. They do a health inspection 3 days before camp? How disappointing for all the kids.
  4. Isn't that one done at a college, kids stay in the dorms? Health department inspection failure is very odd for that kind of location...
  5. My daughter was also supposed to go to this camp. On the Wednesday before a Sunday drop off, we received a vague e-mail about how camp had to be canceled due to "unforeseen circumstances." I called the owner, Susan, that day and she answered. She gave another vague response about why camp was canceled, something to do with "regulations" that were passed in May that were pushed by someone with an agenda against the camp. She didn't elaborate about the "regulations" but just said they weren't something that could be met in such a short time and instead of delay camp to a later date they just canceled.

    I asked about a refund and she said that they would send parents info shortly, but, two weeks later, I received no such info. We've e-mailed twice this week and both e-mails have gone unanswered. I followed up with a call earlier today, and got a voicemail. No clue if and when we'll receive a voluntary refund.
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  6. So sorry, I hope you'll get your money back. My daughter was supposed to go a few years ago, but we had to cancel because of an injury. We did get a refund eventually (minus security deposit), it took a while, but we got it.
  7. My daughter was supposed to attend the camp as well. I’m concerned about a refund. Has anyone heard when we will get it? The service was paid for yet never received . As a group should we file a class action law suit? I have heard nothing since the original cancellation email July 11.
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  8. How recently did everyone pay? Can you file claims with your credit card companies? This just seems crazy!
  9. I paid months ago.. I may call Tequesta Florida police and report a larceny...
  10. I paid by cashier's check which I confirmed with our bank was cashed on June 5th. Bank of America said there is nothing they can do. After numerous calls and emails to the camp yesterday I contacted the local TV stations that I have seen help in cases like this - Solve IT 7 and Call to Action WBZ CBS affiliate. WBZ called me right back and I gave her all the info that the camp owners have left hundreds of families out $1400 with the last minute cancellation and have been non responsive. Call to action is a non profit volunteer organization. I live in MA so started with this since the camp was to be here. Contacting similar organizations in Florida is a good idea too since that's where the business is located. They also highly suggest contacting MA Attorney General Maura Healy 617-727-8400. All affected by this need to call and log a complaint online as soon as possible.

    Has anyone received their money back? I understand this camp had a wonderful reputation and the owners appear to be very nice and dedicated but my daughter was completely devastated as she has been working so hard and was really looking forward to camp. I scrambled to get her to another camp and cannot afford this. The owners being completely non-responsive is unacceptable.
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  11. My daughter (who has attended the camp in the previous two years) signed up for this year, and late communication was an issue as we live in East Africa and by the time communication was sent she had already travelled together with my wife. Not sure why the communication had to come so late. I left it a little while before following up on the original cancellation email as it had promised individual updates on arrangements to refund, but after not hearing for two weeks I did send an email a few days ago, but to date no response.
  13. My daughter was supposed to attend this camp as well. I paid via cashiers check too, which I confirmed was cashed. I did report this to the Massachusetts Attorney General's office, but have not heard back from them. I have sent the owners several emails and left several voicemails to no avail. This is completely unacceptable and we are all entitled to get a full refund.
  14. Jenniet817 - I never even received an email, I had to call the college and find out that way. Can you email me or post the email that you received regarding the cancellation?
  15. I did file a complaint with the AGO and have been told my complaint is in the queue. I'm very concerned about the refund as it is a large chunk of change for me personally. Did you receive the email regarding the cancellation? As i posted earlier, I had to call the college and find out what was going on. This is so disheartening...
  16. I too will report them to ADA as well. I called Tequesta, Florida police because that’s where our money was sent and they said to contact my home town police and that the local police would work with Tequesta. I’m so upset... I just posted the only correspondence I have received. This is considered a larceny. I’m a single mom and can not afford this financially and I’m losing sleep over this .

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  17. Sorry typos... attorney general office (ago)*
  18. So, they cancelled the camp like 10 days ago?

    I know here, they had to cancel a bunch of boy scout camps due to weather, and the money took 3 weeks to be refunded. has it been longer than that, or is is just the current lack of communication?
  19. Jenniet817 - I am a single mom too!! I feel your pain and the sleep loss is overwhelming! I truly hope this all comes to fruition and I hate to say it, but their first impression with me is horrible. This was my daughters first camp and the correspondence - or lack thereof! - is so unprofessional. I'll certainly provide updates as I get them! Hope we can all work together to get this solved!
  20. - I cannot open the link. But yes, the lack of communication comes across more as avoidance.
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