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Vault finals?

Discussion in '2016 Rio Olympics' started by Mrs. Puma, Aug 13, 2016.

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  1. Dumb question-do they do one vault or two for the finals? And if it's two, is it an average or does the best count? Just curious!
  2. Gymnasts perform two vaults that are averaged. That's why Simone upgraded her second vault to a Cheng -- in order to have a higher start value on second vault. I believe that one of the top Koreans has put in to perform a triple (and Cheng), so I assume the higher start value will be an advantage for her. She still needs to land it to score really well, but there have been a video or two showing her landing it. Hopefully, Simone will be able to top on execution scores for both vaults.
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  3. Two vaults and an average.

    Just a side note - Simone doesn't have any vault world title yet. Her Amanar is and always was the far best, but she didn't have enough D on her second vault (5.6 in Glasgow I think). She upgraded it this year with 6.4 D (I think).

    ETA: vagymmomma beats me :) but I didn't know about the Korean. Thanks for making it even more interesting @vagymmomma
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  4. And, talking about vault finals - can't wait to see Dipa Karmakar and her Produnova vault live!
    And, of course, Chuso is another of my favorites ;)

    Simone, Dipa and Oksana (Chalkbucket really needs to add a few 'love' emoticons ;) )
  5. Thank you! :)
  6. OK. Found it, with the video.

    Hong has submitted the triple-twisting Yurchenko at the 2013, 2014 and 2015 World Championships, but never done it in competition. If she completes it at the Rio Olympics, it will be named after her and become known as the Hong vault. It would be worth 6.8 difficulty points, half a point ahead of the Amanar—and could launch her to a gold medal.
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  7. Thanks! So I believe Simone is the favorite for gold but it seems not as much of a lock as AA was?
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  8. Wow!!
  9. 6.8! That's a huge advantage in difficulty. I have always thought that Simone could land a triple but there has never been a need.
  10. So one asked her coach if Simone will compete the triple and Aimee tweeted "NO"!
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  11. Chump is throwing a Produnova too. This is going to be an extremely exciting vault final
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  12. Correct. Not a lock
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  13. Can't wait to watch tomorrow. I'm loving the live feed. Courtney was one of my all time favorite gymnasts especially in NCAA, she knows her stuff. Jonathan is a bit clueless on women's events but he is nice about it. The other guy is pleasant and professional too. I hope they all get more opportunities out of this.
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  14. She doesn't need it. The 6.4 D value on the Cheng should be enough for her to take gold
  15. To be clear, I am not implying that Simone should throw a triple at the Olympics. My point was just that I think she could physically do one if she trained it. However, I don't think this gold medal is a big a lock as people think.
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  16. I agree. It's not a lock at all. It's possible though. Simone took silver at worlds in 2013 and 2014. Bronze last year. The 6.4 d value can get her gold. If she vaults like she did in prelims she has the gold. But we'll see.
  17. Someone asked Simone's coach (Aimee Boorman) if Simone would train the triple twisting Yurchenko. Aimee said, "No, she values her knees too much."

    [I can't find the exact tweet, but this was the jist of it.]
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  18. Could not agree more. Unfortunately, I think if they got the Network broadcast, they'd be asked to "dumb it down" too. Nastia is probably dying to really talk about stuff, but producers won't let her.
  19. I know Chuso (Chump is another of her nicknames, or autocorrect?) did Produnova at 2015 Worlds, but not in Rio qualification on Sunday. Dipa Karmakar did.
    So I wonder if Chong and Chuso really attempt their 'big' vaults in finals when they didn't in quals. Found an article from Aug 5 where is said Chuso is expected to perform Produnova in Rio, but it was before quals so maybe she changed her mind... Or maybe she is saving it for the finals.We'll see soon. Can't wait!
  20. Maybe dumb question, but is there really such a difference (from the 'knees saving' point of view) between Amanar and TTY? Not that I want to doubt Simone's coach. Just curious.
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