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Visa Championships

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First off congratulations to Shawn Johnson! She is amazing. I love her beam routine. She is an amazing gymnast. I love how she shows how much fun she is having!!!:D:D:D :highfive::highfive: This is my face watching her routines::eek: except my face isn't blue. hehe.

I feel so bad for Nastia Liukin though. She had so much pressure. She ended up doing well but the first day didn't go so great for her. She had her ankle and then her parents both with Olympic medals. I felt so bad for her because she is such a great gymnast. I was so happy when her bar routine went really well until the dismount. Elfi (sorry if I spelled her name wrong.) said she could have received a 17.1 I think. That was the highest her score would be and my Mom and I were saying how she would be the gymnast to get that score. But then her dismount got messed up. The second day was a little rocky but she did well.

Even though she messed up a little I still think she is an amazing gymnast. Kudos to her for sticking out the whole competition and not giving up. She's a trouper. She is so graceful too!!! I can't wait for Bejing.

There was the cutest little thing in Inside Gymnastics it said: Bejing. It's good to be there. I thought it was cute!!!
Not open for further replies.