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*wanders out from under rock*

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Jul 27, 2008
South Carolina.
Um. Okay. WOW.

It's been FOREVER since I've been on here, lol. :) I've missed you peoples!!

Crap thats happened since I last logged in:

Out of my cast! Whopee!
Turned 14. Double Whopee!
Learned who my friends are, and who arent.
Got a Twitter...twitter.com/merebearrr

haha...how have y'all been?!


Active Member
Mar 5, 2008
North America
Hi Girlie!! Welcome back--we have missed you!!! Dani just finished her 1st year in gymnastics-Level 4 so now it is on to Level A (level 5)!!! She is very excited about getting her own routines and she will also be doing the cheer team that has started at her gym. So, she will get to be a flyer again! Not much other interesting stuff is going on. I can tell you that I am very excited about summer and hanging by the pool!!!
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