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Watch Worlds selection camp!

Discussion in 'Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)' started by profmom, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. Reminder that USAG is doing a webcast of worlds selection camp for the men today. Link is .

    I would guess they will be paying close attention to the number of views, so even if you can only pop in briefly, I think clicking on that link will send an important message about the enthusiasm that exists among the men's fan base.
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  2. I'll try to watch! MAG is so much fun to watch, it's a shame that it doesn't usually get the attention it deserves.
  3. They aren't using live scoring on the myusagym app, so it's nice that they are flashing each score on the screen for a few moments as they come up. I love how they cheer each other on!
  4. Hey, you all! I just checked on USAG YouTube, and the live stream has more than 5800 views! I think that absolutely sends an important message to USAG about men's gym. Don't forget to check out the second day of competition tomorrow!
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  5. WOO HOO! Hopefully you will see us there tomorrow!
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  6. What's happening tomorrow? Today is day 2 of competition, right? Are they announcing the team tomorrow?
  7. Nevermind. I realized that Day 2 is actually tomorrow instead of today. How many men are getting selected for the team out of the 8 guys there? Is it 5?
  8. Yes, I believe 5.
  9. Anyone know what time today?
  10. Thanks, I couldn’t find it where I was searching! Little man is very excited to watch!
  11. I am hoping we get it! We are driving down with plans to be there by 2/230. Very limited seating, so we are crossing our fingers....
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  12. OMG! That was so cool! Just amazing....
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  13. Glad you made it! It looked like there was a much bigger crowd today vs day 1. Did they mention at the end when they're going to announce the team? Or did they already announce it and I missed it?
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  14. It's announced! I posted it above!
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  15. Oops. I just saw your other post. I'm bummed for Allan, but Collin makes sense for vault. Can't wait to see how they all do next month!
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