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Nov 15, 2008
Ontario, Canada
*WARNING: MAJOR RANT**So my gym recently got a new head coach of the women's program. She's been working there for a while, coaching our highest level girls, but she is not a very nice person...she coached a group for a while with a wide age and level range, in which she would go whole practices without speaking to the older girls (16) and lower level girls (lvl 5). Now she;s in charge of the whole program, and this way of working with her group has expanded to the way she treats the whole women's program. My group (that i train in) has girls 15 and up from level 4-6.

My friend and I are level 6 working on level 7 skills. Anyway, there was a meeting for all the women's competetive parents, except for ours. There was a meeting of all the female competetive athletes, except for us. I'm starting to feel like we're being pushed out of the program. (I might also mention that my friend and I also had the best results of the whole program at provincials last year). As well, we have a tradition (not rule, but it is pretty well followed) that everyone keeps their floor routine for two years, and then gets a new one. I was supposed to get a new routine last year, but didn't. This year I was promised that I would be getting a new floor routine, choreographed by either our head women's coach or another women's coach. Today I found out this is not the case, my male coach will be choreograp[hing it. So basically I am keeping my routine for the fourth year.

I feel royally shafted. We pay about $4000 a year to go to this gym, and work hard like all the other athletes. I'm really sorry for the rant, but I don't know what to do, if anything, or if I should just suck it up. Thanks for listenning!
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I'd get your parents involved and request a meeting with the HC and you and your parents. You guys are paying a lot of money and deserve to have your voices heard too!


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Feb 26, 2007
I agree, it is time to get your parents in to the gym for a meeting with the HC. I assume as you are in Ontraio that you have a board or commmittee that runs the club. If so the head of that should be included in any meeting as they pay the salaries of the HC.


I agree too. Tell your parents how you feel and make an appointment with the HC, Parents and you to voice your concerns.

Keep in mind your looking at it from a gymnast point of view not a coaches. So there may be very good reasons as to why things are going the way they are that your not aware of.
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