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Game ideas

what type of games are you thinking of?
Well, i was thinking like a (i know this sounds corny) dress the gymnast game? you know, like dress up but with leos and warmups and such. and then maybe a game where you do floor but with arrow-key combos and to do a BHS you press B, to do a full, press F, etc. and maybe do a game where it's a contest to see who can come up with the best routine, and have like crosswords and stuff! It would, again, be pointless, but it could make more people join! :rolleyes:
one more idea

I was also thinking that we could do weekly polls. They would show up on the left side of the screen and we could have such topics as what's your favorite skill and list like, 5 common skills or who's your favorite gymnast? and have like 5 gymnasts listed and what's you favorite event, etc.


Gymnasticz24.7--that game is awesome! Thank you for sharing!


May 17, 2009
well, there are no games on chalk bucket its self, but there may be some on links but that may lead you to a different website, but still!!
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