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What a great place!

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Hello! I was googling front tuck drills and came across this website. How cool! I already see this might suck up much of my time, so don't want to get too attached! I think it might be too late. I have not quite figured out how to use this yet, so really want to go over front tuck drills. I have a couple level 6's who do great front tucks on tramp, off the spring board, and tumble track. When it comes to taking it to floor, they totally crash. Looking for several more drills that are not as "easy" as tramp and board drills.


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Feb 26, 2007
Hi Momcoach and welcome to the chalkbucket. It is true that this place can be very addictive and time consuming, but it's all fun.

We have lots of great coaches on here, if you are looking for help with front tucks I would suggest posting in the skills and drills section, that way the other coaches will see that you are looking for some help. Not everybody takes the time to read the introductions.

I am sure you'll get lots of great advice and ideas. Nice to have you around.:)
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