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What ages/ levels can go to state in your area?

Discussion in 'Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)' started by jenjean70, Feb 8, 2018.

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  1. I was looking at the website for our state meet and I noticed that in our region only level 6 (8-14), level 7 (10-14), level 8 JO (12-14), level 8 JE (11/12), Level 9 JO and JE (13/14), and level 10 JO and JE (15-19) and then JD can go to the state meet and therefore regionals. I assume that they are trying to encourage older gymnasts to move to JD if they want to compete at state and regionals. Now I know why the coaches were putting one of the boys who doesn't turn 15 until May 31st into JD and not level 8 or 9. He ended up quitting because he didn't want to do JD but I didn't realize he wouldn't have been able to do state or regionals as anything OTHER than JD. How does your state/region handle the age breakdown?
  2. In our state, levels 4-10 and JD all divisions, etc go to state. Our L4-5 state is separate from L6-10/JD. For our region, L 5-10 all divisions, go. Our gym, however, does state for L5-10/JD. regionals for 6-10/JD, and then nationals for 8-10.
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  3. All boys level 4-10 and JD go to state. There are no requirements. Even the Xcel can sign up to compete at state. It's all in one weekend and place. Level 5 and up can qualify to regionals.
  4. We have 2 state meets (north and south) for 4-7 and 1 for 8-10. (Our gym doesn't send anyone to state until L5.) I'm honestly not sure about JD. Regionals is 6 and up if you qualify.
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  5. Region 6. Everyone 4-10 can go to both State and Regional. The Regionals for 4 & 5 are on a separate weekend than that for 6-10. No idea about JD.
  6. Yes but you are the same state and region as I am and they have age limits for levels 6 and up for state and regionals but there is no age limit for JD. I didn't realize that 15 year olds could not compete at state and regionals as a level 8. I knew that 13+ level 8s couldn't go to nationals I just didn't realize that level 8s can't be older than 14.....I don't know if that is a new thing or if it has always been that way and I didn't know about it.
  7. So there is no age limit.
    Also next year they are separating state into north and south for ALL compulsory gymnasts levels 7 and below. Levels 4 and up will have the opportunity to go to regionals in 2019- but it will be compulsory regionals and on a different weekend than the optional regional competition. The compulsory regionals will be in Galveston for 2019 and optionals will be in Fort Worth. It's very interesting. I heard that they had wanted to do it this way for a while and next year they will. :)
  8. From reading the age charts, 15 yo are not supposed to compete L8 at all. That is why they cannot do state. L 8 only goes to 14, L9 to 16.

    Compulsary levels can be competed at any age, according to the manual. States I am sure, can do different things.
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  9. Nor Cal all levels and ages go states.
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  10. So, I went to look at the region’s website. Last year, Level 6 was 8+, 7 was 10+, 8 was 12-14, 9 was 13-16, 10 was 15-19, JD was 12-14 and 15-18. I think that’s the standard age limits for optionals. We’re nowhere near that yet, so I am just guessing.
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  11. According to the age chart I saw on our region website it looks like 15 year olds can't do level 9 and therefore cannot go to state or regionals....
  12. It may be an oversight. Our region has a few overage L9s, and will certainly include them in regionals. We have qualifying scores for states for compulsories, but L8-L10 and JD just have to compete at two in-state qualifiers. Regionals include L5 and up. There's a qualifying score for all levels for regionals, but it's usually pretty low.
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  13. 15 yos can do L9, as can 16 yo. Your state/region may have decided to not allow them to participate in the post season, but they are considered an age group with USAG
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  14. My ds did level 9 at 15yo and I know boys doing it at 16yo. They are not nationals eligible though. Check out age 1.3 on this document for level 8, 9, 10 and JD age groups.
  15. How many states split into 2 "states" for competing? I thought it was just California that did that.
  16. I think California is unique in that there us 2 seoerate governing bodies overseeing each “state” but some other states will hold 2 state competitions, is north state and south state. On the girls side, some levels go this in NorCal, is NirCal north state and NorCal south state. Crazy right?
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  17. Yes. It looks like our state and region have decided to not include them in the post season. I thought that was interesting....I guess they are trying to steer the kids who are "out of age" in optionals to the JD program.
  18. Our state is split into north and south- it used to be only for levels 4 and 5 but now it's for all compulsory gymnasts- so levels 4-7 have north state and south state starting this year...
  19. That makes me sad that they limit even state so much.

    For us, any kid can go to state, even if state is his first meet of the season. Until last year only L5+ was eligible for regionals with it being pretty tough to make it for L5 and then about 50% of the boys for L6, and everyone for L7 on up. Now they have split regionals and have compulsory regionals and optionals regionals. With that split I guess that they needed the numbers, so now L4s can make it; but I think it is tough, then more of the L5s and almost all of the L6s. All of the L7s make it for compulsory regionals and all optionals make it for optionals regionals.
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  20. I have a female gymnast, but if I had a boy, I’d be really mad. Are they actually trying to kill the sport??
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