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What does this mean?

Discussion in 'Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)' started by rosiekat, Jul 9, 2018.

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  1. Just trying to understand exactly what the terminology means here: "Only gymnastics event specific shirts or competitive tops will be allowed during training." I'm gathering none of my son's usual baggy tshirts, lol, but would a compression shirt be allowed? He only has one competition step-in, which I'd really rather him not wear. Thanks for any help!
  2. Hmm. I would think compression shirts would be ok....or form fitting of any kind. Singlets, of course. (D's gym wears the "tank t-shirts, like hanes....)
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  3. I would just ask for clarification. It sounds like there is something specific that they are wanting or not wanting but it definitely isn't clear to the average person just what that is.
  4. Sounds like singlets or gymnastics compression shirts to me. But the "gymnastics events specific shirts" makes me question whether or not meet t shirts would suffice.
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  5. Assuming this is just for a camp. Gymnastics shirts from meets/invitationals/home gym is most likely what it means, along with normal unis. I'm sure any typical training shirt would do. They probably just want it to look like a gymnastics camp from first glance and not have a bunch of kids running around in baggy shorts or baggy shirts with fortnite logos or other sports.
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  6. It's for a regional camp. I'm oddly happy to see that no one here was clear on what it means! I'll try for clarification from them, but if not, I'll probably just send him in the tightest shirts he has, lol. They did specify no basketball shorts, etc. but their description there was pretty clear.
  7. I concur I have never heard those specific terms for shirts and would have no idea what they wanted.
  8. I am thinking a compression shirt would be allowed.
  9. Another vote here for tight fitting compression shirts.
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  10. Just thought I'd come give y'all an update since we just got back...

    I still don't know what it meant, lol. What the kids wore were mostly closer fitting tshirts and compression shirts. A few went shirtless. With very few exceptions, the shirts were plain or from their gym, so I guess our communal ideas were basically correct. One kid tended toward longer shorts and longer, baggier shirts - but he was also probably the best gymnast in the camp, so he could get away with it! My son did have to wear longer shorts today - I had gotten him a new pair of gym shorts off ebay but he didn't try them on before the trip. They were a different brand, and were just way too big - so he had the choice of long shorts or shorts that fell off, and understandably he went with the ones that were too long. :)
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