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What Injuries Have You/Your Child Experienced From this Sport?

What Injuries Have You/Your Child Experienced from Gymnastics?

  • Broken Bone

    Votes: 79 42.0%
  • Concussion

    Votes: 31 16.5%
  • Sprain

    Votes: 116 61.7%
  • Laceration/Stitches

    Votes: 12 6.4%
  • Torn Ligament/ACL, etc.

    Votes: 35 18.6%
  • Tendinitis/Osgood-Schlatters/Sever's Disease

    Votes: 70 37.2%
  • Black eye or bruise that had to be seen by doctor

    Votes: 27 14.4%
  • Other

    Votes: 83 44.1%

  • Total voters
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With one daughter just coming off Physical Therapy for patellar tendinitis and another on crutches with 12 stitches in her knee from falling off beam, I got to wondering about what (and how many) injuries have been suffered by the gymnasts here.

Feel free to elaborate in a post and to check more than one injury if necessary;)!


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Feb 26, 2007
Oldest had a hyper extension of the knee when she was 9, took 6 months to put that back together. Followed by jumpers knee and achilles tendonitis which took 18 months to clear up. She couldn't tumble or vault regularly for close to two years. She also lost her big toe nail after dropping a spring board on it. Sore wrists are on the list too, weras tiger paws and has reduced her training hours.

Youngest has has flat feet which cause her pain on the sides of her ankles as her feet roll in, she had physio for a while, then we bought Fabs foot supports and she has been great.

Not all kids are built to withstand the wear and tear.


Dec 4, 2008
well.. me being a gymnast has experianced.
- fracture in my lower back ( took 2.5 years to heal properally ! )
- 3 sprained ankles.
- broken wrist ( in 3 different spots )
- broken foot
- broken finger.
- broken toe
- hyper extended knee.
and last but not least a bruised bone

lmao , i had to a take a little break after my back. now i train myself =]


Oct 22, 2007
United Kingdom
I have had more sprained ankles than I can count!
I hyperextended both knees within a month of each other.
Broke my little toe.
countless bruises and scrapes etc
Had sore shins (shin splints??) for years but thankfully seem to have outgrown that now.
and my latest: strained muscles in my back.... not fun!! I never knew straining muscles could be sooo painful! thankfully it's almost healed now.


Sep 27, 2007
My dd is coming off of a fractured back that kept her out for 6 months. She has had 2 small flare-ups since, but manages them by backing off the work when she needs.....

That's all for now...but it is a biggy!


I tore my rotator cuff two years ago, that was so painful, I had to get surgery and recovery took more than 6 months plus physical therapy for like a year. Ugh definately not fun because I was in a sling type thing and it was the arm I write with so I couldn't write so the school let me bring in a laptop :) I broke my wrist a few days before nationals last year so I couldn't compete. But I got a cast with our team colors and still went to cheer on everyone on our team. Other than that just minor injuries like pulling a muscle where you're out for a week.


I have had many sprained ankles in my gym & soccer days.
Broken & dislocated my left wrist on bars.
Cut my inner thigh falling on beam years ago.
Severly hurt my back to the point where I still have problems with it now.


Jul 13, 2008
rainy washington
I have Osgoods, and have ankle problems [both pop and are loose, and the PT tried to fix it, it didn't work haha]. I sprained my ankle once, and my elbow and hips pop out of place. I have patella tendonidous [or something like that I forget the official name haha], as well as having major wrist problems. I've had minor shin splints before. Not to mention many bruises, and cuts all over, like on wrists from the strap bars and level 4 dismount. . And you can't forget the bruises and cuts on your hips from bars.


Gosh. This is going to seem ridiculous, but I was one of those brats who'd decide it didn't hurt, AND I was in for a long time, AND I bruise easily & have hypermobility:

-More sprained ankles than I can count
-Ankle ligament tear
-Bone bruise in my left talus
-Broken right talus, 2 surguries to fix
-Sprained toe/jammed fingers/standard rips/beam burn/bar bite/rugburn
-Dislocated elbow the week before states
-Concussion (don't tumble off the end of a rod floor. It's a Bad Idea)
-Bruising so significant on my legs that judges asked what I did to myself
-Dislocated knee with ligament strain
-Sprained back/neck, 3 locations at once.
-Stone bruises
-Dislocated rib (ran straight into the vault. HARD.)

...that makes it look REALLY bad. It wasn't my coaches, it was my "I am Invincible!" complex.


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Jul 31, 2008
New Hampshire, USA
The only bad injury I have had is a concussion while we were doing, wait for it, BASICS! This was about a month ago, and I had to be out for two weeks (one week for concussion, then just sick). The horrible part is that I still get slightly dizzy when doing turns, and that I headaches VERY easily now. :(:mad: But whatever, I'm just happy to be back at gymnastics.


Nov 29, 2008
Minn eee sooo ta! :)
Haha. This doesn't make me feel as bad. Problem is, i seem to injure myself in everything but gym!
2nd grade- broke my pinky playing tag in the back yard. w/babysitter.
4th grade- sprained knee running around a corner in gym class
6th grade- sprained other knee. Running aroung a corner in gym class.
7th grade- Plantar fascitis. Out for part of summer
8th grade- Tore stuff in my hip. Out for most of summer
8th grade- Oshgood schlatters (or however you spell it) in both knees.
9th grade- Sprained ankle. My whole team was doing jumps on the tumbl tak (at the same time. Coach's idea) and i rolled my ankle really bad.
9th grade- I just broke my foot less than a week ago, doing a layout stepout on beam. In a meet. And i got back up and finished. (my doctor wasn't too happy with me) And state is in 2 weeks. Not happening!
This doesn't include all of the minor twisted ankles, rips, beam burn, brises, etc.
I'm such a klutz!
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Dec 21, 2008
I think I have perma-pulled hamstring muscles. I am covered in bruises on my legs and hips, its looks like I get beaten on a regular basis(I bruise easily), shin splints, but luckily to date, nothing major. I did break my shoulder doing karate when I was younger though


Dec 4, 2008
oh and !
i had 2 torn achillies at the same time.
it was a funny story actually. i didnt know i had them but i knew somethign was wrong , because every step i took i wante do to scream ! it hurts horribly. and well , i went to a competition , not thinking it was anything serious , and i got my coach to tape them up , but i couldnt flex my foot good
so i got a paramedic to do it . and she did it two times. it didnt really work but whatever , it worked a little bit. so i competed did really good and qualified for nationals. then , i said dad i need to go to the doctor because they really hurt , so we went and the doctor said i had 2 torn achillies . i couldnt do tumbling on floor , or vault. or beam dismounts unless it was into a foam pit for a month ! but i still got to go to nationals and got

Beam : first place.
Bars : second place
Floor : sixth place ( because of lack of training )
Vault : third place

AA : third place !

so i was pretty happy that my achillies healed and that i did that good at nationals. but i still had to wear a brace. but i dont have to anymore !
thank goodness !

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
For my gymmie, the primary problem has been microfracture of the patellar growth plate and patellar tendinitis. The tendinitis flares up when she hits a growth spurt(maybe a whole 1/4") and is rearing its head a little right now with all the pounding from doing tsuks. She's also been through the heel pain, but other than getting an x-ray to make sure there was no fracture, she just dealt with it and it has basically gone away. Did jam a toe when she caught it on floor ex doing her 1.5 turn.


Feb 8, 2008
Sprained both ankles a couple times, and my glorious shin splints I have been living with for about 8 months now.

Then there's all the little stuff such as beam burn, rips, and bruises.


Mar 3, 2009
Mississippi currently
I have broken my toes and fingers
Sprained my ankles and wrist many many times
My shoulder dislocate ( the joins are loss) and elbows.
I dislocated my femur, tore my ACL, LCL, PCL, popiletis, and meniscus in my left leg all at once as well at tearing a tendon in my left elbow that I also dislocated.
I tore my ACL in my right knee.
I tore my meniscus' three times other than the first time...so four total.
Strained all the muscles in my back.
I got a concussion and a black eye that left a scar over my eyebrow cause I reptured something the doctors still don't know exactly what is wrong with it.
I found out I had a heart condition called Proximal Atrial Tachycardia which is currently getting fixed by medicine and ablation surgeries....
I think that about covers it.
Ruptured a fluid bubble in my left knee...that hurt really bad!


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Sep 3, 2005

  • twisted my ankles millions of times.
  • have given myself two black eyes on a handspring front.
  • had 7 stress fractures in one leg and 8 in the other.
The stress fractures put me out for several weeks, they were a major overuse injury. Beyond that I've never really had anything major...just minor aches and pains.


Mar 4, 2008

Wow this sport is full of them!

-Forehead laceration from beam (I hate staples!!!)
-Chronic dehydration problem....caused me to black out on bars and vault
-Dislocated ulnar in right elbow ... popped it back in place and continued front handspring drills till it did me in.
-Dislocated both wrists doing bars handstand into giant....nasty popping sound....yuck
-more strains, pulls and tweeks than my little brain cares to remember:eek:
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