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What is the correct body position to jump to hight bar?

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May 21, 2008
When my dd jumps to the high bar (l6) she is very arched and the first thing to pass under the high bar is probably her chest. should she be hollow when she jumps? How do we help her achieve the right position on the jump.


Feb 8, 2008
This is something I'm rather experienced in. I'm about 5'3" and when I started gymnastics i was about 4'9. My problem was not jumping to the high bar, it was jumping to the high bar with the right form in order to do a long hang kip. The secret is to jump to the high bar just like you jump to the low bar from the ground. When I jump to the high bar the right way it feels kinda like I'm pouncing on the bar because if I just lean over then my feet get behind me, but if you jump too much then you have too much power to do the kip afterwards.


You want to reach for the high bar with a slight whip shape with your shoulders open and feet slightly behind you. You don't want to be arched and you don't want to be too hollow. Another thing to be sure about is that you don't want to be 'jumping' too much to the high bar-you want to do as little of a jump as possible.


Apr 9, 2007
To be honest it depends what skill comes after it. Little more on the archy side if you're going to be doing a straddle back to hs / uprise. Not hollow but more straight body for long hang kip.
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