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What is the run time of the Kellogg's show?

Discussion in '2016 Rio Olympics' started by josie55, Sep 17, 2016.

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  1. For anyone who has already been.... how long after the official start time was the show over? Thanks!
  2. We went last night and it was right at two hours with an intermission in the middle.
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  3. Did you and the family enjoy the show?
  4. We loved it! I gave my daughter the option of a VIP ticket for herself or a regular ticket for herself and her firend. She chose the friend and so it was me and three teens. There were a lot of falls and off moments, but they all made it very fun, low key, and charming. My favorite part was the floating bubble, which was visually amazing. It was also a great introduction to the other types of gymnastics. We had never seen rhythmic, acro, or men's gymnastics live before, and my daughter's friend had never seen t&t before either.
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  5. ImageUploadedByChalkBucket1474338945.120158.jpg ImageUploadedByChalkBucket1474338958.063832.jpg
    I had a grand old time taking pictures!
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  6. Omg....those pics are outrageous. I'm so glad you and the teens enjoyed it. DH and I plan to go in November, we will be taking dd for an early birthday gift. After seeing these pics, I think dd will love the show.

    Thank you for sharing!!!
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  7. I just hope nobody gets hurt this year.
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  8. Has someone been hurt in the past? I could definitely see one of the men or one of the trampolinists ending up injured. The women appeared far more cautious.
  9. Maroney, Raisman, and Orozco last time.
  10. So excited. My friend and I just decided to go next Friday without kids. Just two forty something women behaving like teenagers! For lots of reasons it doesn't make sense to take the girls but my friend wants company and I get to get out of my routine and do something for ME!
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  11. We are going and a big group of kids from our gym gets to be in it, including my DD. She is thrilled!
  12. We are also going next Friday - tickets were ODD's July birthday gift and she has been counting down the days since then :)
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  13. Anyone who has been to the pre show "chalk talk" who what time it starts? I called the venue today and they were clueless - we live far enough away that I'm going to have to pull kids out of school and need to figure out the timing, and all they can tell me is "call back and maybe we'll know." :rolleyes:
  14. The doors opened for our chalk talk two hours before the actual show started, and the talk started 30 mins after that. It lasted about an hour.
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  15. We just got free tickets for the show this Thursday!!!!!!! Sooooo excited...what is chalk talk? Is there an extra charge?
  16. Not sure there's any way to add it on to a regular ticket - we bought a VIP package ticket that came with the talk.
  17. I don't know if there is a way to get tickets to chalk talk by itself or not - you might check from where you got your tickets from too.

    Our gym was given information with our group tickets, but then discovered upon clarification for it that we didn't qualify because we only bought 84 tickets instead of a minimum 150. We have a few disappointed kiddos for that part, but they are excited to see the show.

    Have fun!
  18. Oh my! Lol! Oh well...we will just go and enjoy the show:):) thanks!!!!
  19. If you've gone to the show, do you have seat recommendations or is this the kind of event where there aren't any bad seats? The long sides of our arena have no seat options, but we can sit lower level on a corner or straight center on the short end where the Rings and high bars are. I'm trying to decide which would be better.
  20. Corners weren't bad. we were even with the trampoline and there was one more section towards the corner past us, but we could see everything great.
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