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For Coaches What should i do? (coach moved to new country)

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I am a 60 yr old coach with 45 yrs coaching exp. I left my home country of Canada to come to a small West European country to coach. They have no progression program for their athletes. I was brought up on teaching progressions so children have good basics before they move on. I introduced that program and they like it but do not use it. How do i convince people who are resistant to change that change is good and necessary. Club is only 20 yrs old and they are still doing the same things they did when they started. I have also been spoken to about some parents complaining that i show favoritism to children who have improved and the complaining parents children will not do the physical prep and basics that i want them to so they are not improving.

Thanks for any opinions.
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Sounds like a tough situation to be in. Countries have very different cultures and philosophies. My advice would be do to what you know is right, but still make sure your boss is happy. You have lots of experience...and it sounds like you are going to get a lot more with this situation. Compromise is going to be the key...in my opinion.
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you wouldnt have got the job if the outher coaches and your boss didnt respect your coaching ability, stick to what you think is correct and take it from there
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