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For Parents What tools for videos?

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Nov 3, 2008
Region IV (Missouri)
Yup, me again.

Nastia's next competition will be on the 14th. I'm determined this time to get a video of her posted on Youtube. I've seen and enjoyed many of the ones posted from CB. Especially the ones that include music and creative wipes, text etc.

The problem is I am cinemagraphically challenged. Tis sad I know, but rather then pity, I'm looking for the tools y'all use that may help transform my uncharismatic video skills into an Oscar worthy masterpiece. Not asking too much am I?

So what do you use to edit, add text, music clips (RIAA be damned), etc. And mostly... being a Sr. Systems Engineer... I need something EASY to understand.

Remember...tis the season. Please help the needy. (aka..ME!) :shy:


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Jul 12, 2007
I don't use it personally - but everyone swears by One True Media - which is very simple and fun to use.

Looking forward to the vids :D


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Feb 19, 2007
I've never used One True Media.. I've tried but get an error message.... can't figure it out. I just use the Microsoft Windows Moviemaker software that comes standard with any new PC. You can also add text, create transitions, etc. I still haven't figure out ALL the bells and whistles, but I know enough to get done what I need to get done w/minimal time and effort!



I use Vegas Movie Studio. But, my brother is a movie editor and recommended it to me. He also taught me to use it (and I only use the very basics at that).


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Nov 5, 2007
I use the Windows Movie Maker right now.I think my husband got me Pinnacle Studio Ultimate V12.I am so excited.I researched it for a long time.Best buy had a good sell on it.
I used to have a DVD camara.It was really hard to upload the videos onto the computer.I had to buy a seperate program to convert it to the right file.
Now I have a Hard Drive Camcorder and it is a breeze to upload it and only takes seconds.Ripping movies of DVD's takes a long time.
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