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Where to find Team Coaches

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gym monkeys mom

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Oct 3, 2007
Our current gym owners are looking for someone to work with team girls and struggling to find someone with experience. Any ideas where to post an ad? We are in the MN. We need to do some rebuilding of our girls program and would like an experienced team coach. Thanks for the help guys:eek:


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Feb 26, 2007
You could send an email to Rick McCharles, he is a member here. He has a great blog called Gymnastics Coaching, I often see ads for coaches on his blog, he is a very experienced coach and may be able to offer advice and post your ad for free.

I also believe that USAG has a web page for jobs, maybe one of our US based parents might l know how to find it.


CraigsList, USAG website, and your state or regional websites.
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