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Winston on Un-Even Bars

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I was looking through the WAG JO code, and came across this skill. I have a level 10 girl who is very strong on bars, and thought she might want to take a stab at this skill. It is a "D" value.

I don't recall seeing this skill performed, and am not real familiar with it.

Any help would be outstanding.

Where to begin, hints, body positions, timing...... the whole works. Thanks in advance!!!!!



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Jun 24, 2008
Maybe you could clarify and describe what skill you are taking about or give the number in the Code ("Winston" is not a colloquial term; it would be like me telling someone to do a Vituj on beam, when I would be better off if I had called it a wolf 1 1/2). Plus, I didn't see anything called a Winston in my code. The closest I could come is the cast on HB into an uprise straddle 1/2 over the HB.
Not open for further replies.