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women's AA

Discussion in '2017 World Gymnastics Championships' started by sce, Oct 6, 2017.

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  1. Ragan was injured in warm-ups and pulled out of the AA. This has been a tough world's for the tops athletes.
  2. So how did first round go for those of us not fortunate enough to watch....
  3. Lead group on vault performed as expected. Alt improved on her UB almost a point and a half from qualifying so that should put her soundly in the medal mix.
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  4. Morgan and Ellie Black tied for first after 2 rotations!!
  5. Dos Santos and Murikami tied for 3rd
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  6. I just saw that Elie Black had freak fall in beam warm-up too. I thinks he is okay, but she slipped hurdling into a skill and crashed onto the beam. Ouch!
  7. I think someone greased the beam!!!! So.Many.Falls
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  8. So many falls on beam.
  9. I was just commenting on the same thing.
  10. Really the whole night is kind of a disaster!
  11. Did Hurd fall?
  12. No but lots of wobbles....
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  13. Still, she stayed on. Whew
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  14. Great floor routine from Morgan!!! That should get her a medal, which color will it be???!!!
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  15. Please Canadian friends don’t be offended but Black was overscored on beam and I just can’t get behind her as world champ...the lack of toe point and 180 degree split is just too much!!
  16. Well, she won't be! ;)
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  17. Wow! So what are final places?!?!?!
  18. So glad Crisan was able to finish on a strong note. Finished 27th in qualifying and notified minutes before the competition she is in finals, and rotating with the top group, no less!
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  19. Omg Morgan Hurd!!! Love it!!
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  20. Hurd, Black, Eremina
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