Wondering what I did wrong?

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Okay here's the deal,
About two weeks ago during my stretches for my splits (I did my stretches for about an hour or so while watching tv), I was fine and my legs felt fine. I did my splits and hit the floor! I was soo happy!....that is...until the next morning. My left thigh is killing me. Everytime I go to stretch at all, it feels like it's stinging me and it hurts very badly! Plus, I can barely do my straddle stretches anymore and don't even think about doing a cartwheel! It just hurts way too badly. It doesn't hurt when i'm walking or touching my toes or even pike stretching. What did I do wrong and what exactly is wrong with me???

P.S. I've taken epsom salt baths and put heating and cooling pads on it and it still does this.
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Dec 21, 2008
Sounds like you just pulled them pretty good. Same thing happened to me for what seemed like months, and then suddenly I had my split. Just don't overdo it, and take it easy and slow, making sure your muscles are nicely warmed up first before you try stretching, it will make it less painful that way


Yeah is it on top or bottom? Because it's either a pulled quad or hamstring. If it's both, it's both of them which would be awful. Recovery can stink for those, just because it does hurt a lot.


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Sep 9, 2007
Heat packs are good, and make sure you always warm up and cool down after stretching (v. important!).

Keep trying to gently stretch them, but don't overdo it!! They should unpull themselves soon (IDK the word I'm looking for here LOL)- just keep going!!


OUCH nothing hurst like a pulled muscle. You already have some great advice here but again as mom who worries aobut injury I would take you in to the DR just to make sure. I go with if a kid is complaining about pain I'd rather be safe then sorry.


Jan 3, 2009
Dallas, TX
It sounds like you strained a muscle. Ice it a lot- 20 min on, 20 off, several times a day. Ask your parents if you can take ibuprofen (Advil, etc.) to help alleviate the swelling. If it's still very painful in another couple of days, you should go to the doctor to make sure you didn't tear anything.
In the future, sitting in your splits for over an hour is a bit crazy. It's like anything, MODERATION. It sounds like you're working hard to get your splits, which is great, but you set yourself back by causing trauma to the muscle tissue. In the future, stretch only when your muscles are warm (after practice, after some cardio, etc.), and listen to your body when it gets uncomfortable. Generally 5-10 minutes is PLENTY on each leg. Stretch for a shorter amount of time, just do it a couple of times a day-- but only when your muscles are warmed up. Feel better!
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