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Working on a Ray skill.

Discussion in 'Canada' started by kitkat, Jun 13, 2017.

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  1. This girl has had her ups and downs.
    Torn knee in two places - doesn't compete all year. Recovers then breaks her thumb on an Ariel (yes Ariel is no hands - go figure).
    Then she gets a scholarship. Yah
    Makes it to elite Canada but doesn't make Nationals.
    Competes L10 places third at provincials. And off to Nationals. Then breaks toe on a drill. Out for Nationals.

    And she still goes to gym everyday with a smile.

    Today she worked her 'ray'. Day 3 in the belt. She makes me proud everyday. Love summer training.

  2. She is amazing! Thank you for sharing her journey.
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  3. Thanks its been quite a journey. I've seen so many girls retire after their first injury. I'm just so glad she has been able to see past that.

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  4. yay for her! i hope she has an injury free next season.

    we have a girl working on that at our gym. i like the belt. she's been doing it over pit bar and hasn't quite made the catch. the pit's an easy fall. i wish our gym had a belt like that on the regular bars.
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  5. Our head coach loves the belt. We have one on the trampoline as well.

  6. Awesome!
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  7. Thank you...

  8. So fun to watch her progress.
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  9. wow, that is awesome!!
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  10. Thank you.
  11. Yes this is a neat skill. Her shoot half isn't coming along as nicely. She just can't figure out not to flip. She's so use to doing a pac. Love summer training. Which it was longer
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