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hello chalkbucket and everyone that is reading this txt .i am a 40 year old male my name is paul horrocks thats real name not a make up like i have seen .anyway i am interested in gymnastics trampolining i used to go to salford adult class on a wednesday .and used to go to littleborough school on a friday for trampolining class.these are both in england just in case somebody asks .does any1 know of an adults class preferably within an hrs drive from heywood ,lancs i wud like to practise again its a gud fitness programme its a shame i wasnt younger i wud have trained like a mad man.i currently compete in athletics for bury , lancs in all the throwing events thats all for now........WELCOME.......
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Feb 26, 2007
Well Welcome to the Chalkbucket Paul. I was born in Ordsall, so I knew Salford well. Though I live in Quebec now.Have you tried contacting the local clubs by email, websites do not often show all classes offered and sometimes clubs can start courses if the y have enough demand. I do know that Bury gymnastics club has recently opened in a new building after a devastating fire, perhaps they might be a good place to start asking, as you are already training in that area.

We have a great community of adult gymnasts here with a few from the UK, they are certainly great to share ideas with. A common thread seems to be the difficulty in finding adult classes.

Good luck in finding what you are looking for. I hope you enjoy our great community.
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