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Discussion in 'Canada' started by Brittney, Oct 22, 2017.

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  1. Is the xcel program only in the USA or is it in canada too? I like the way the programming is better since I could get in to that more likely than JO because all the gyms in my city do not allow teens to compete below JO 6
  2. We are just starting xcel this year in our gym, not sure how it is going, as it is completely separate from the JO program. I would call around to some gyms in your area and see.
  3. I'm often jealous of all the different options available in the U.S.!
    My gym has a lower hours option that competes only locally, but it's otherwise exactly the same as the provincial JO (we're in Ontario). There are a few low level teens doing it, but I believe that once they are in level 4 they can do provincial at my gym. I haven't heard about any other options, nothing like xcel where they have optional routines at the lower levels.

    Where will your gym be competing with the xcel program, do you know? Is it the same as xcel in the States?
  4. just local meets for the xcel program. I believe it is the same as the US.
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