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Yesterday the practice.

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Oct 1, 2008
Brooklyn, NY
Me and my sister were both at the gym on tuesday and she just had an off day.
I felt so bad for her. She fell from like every app.
On her straight leg pullovers she needed help and could get her birdie perch.
On the floor she could'nt do her back walkovers, she fell off the beam twice and did'nt even try do complete her handstands she just left the gym.
She came back when we were doing vault and crumpled every time she tried.
Coach would explain what would go wrong but she would make the same mistake again.

Now she wants to quit. She told our mom that she was tired of gymnastics and that she wanted to stop doing it. I was okay with that, if she is not enjoying it than she should stop. But than later on last night she told me that our coach liked me more tha she liked her. I was so stunned i've never seen coach treat cody differently or even comepare cody to me ( i've heard of other coached doing things like that). I did'nt want to hear it. If anything coach was nicer to cody, giving her breaks during conditioning and putting up with her constant need of attention.
I don't know if cody is lying or not (shes never been a very honest person) But if coach is being mean to my sister I won't stand for it, But if cody is lying than a nice coach who has gone out of she way for me might get fired.

I don't know what to do.


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Aug 26, 2008
It seems to me like your sister is burnt out and fed up. I don't know if there is anything you can do but talk with your coach about her accusations. Otherwise just leave it up to your parent and coach.


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Jan 4, 2008
These sorts of problems often occur when two sister take a sport together in the same class. Especially if they are a bit older. It may help if she was in a different class to you or trained on a different day, it is hard for sisters not to compare themselves especially if they are the one not doing as well, it can also be hard for some coaches not to compare sisters and they will expect excellence from the other if they get it from 1.

Coaches do treat gymnasts differently and that is because each gymnast is different and reacts to a different teaching style. You will have noticed this with kids in school and other area's. For some kids if they are yelled at they take it in their stride and actually work harder and for other kids they crumple and burst into tears causing more problems.
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