Yet another meet report

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Jul 19, 2011
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Anyone getting sick of these yet ;)

D had a meet today, and was going up against "the big gym" in our area, as well as the kid in his age group that is undefeated this season (and a good friend of D's.)

The meet went out 3 places for events, which was kind of nice.
He did great on floor...10.9 and placed 1st.
Pommel was a 10.2 and 2nd
Rings he fell on (still not sure what happened) but scored a 9.2
Vault came back, adn he scored 11.9 and 1st place.
Pbars was solid. Stuck the dismount 9.5
High bar, made it! Hubby texts me and says he scored an 8.9 but he was robbed (hubby never says that). Apparently the judge was jsut REALLY HARD because that 8.9 was 1st place! (from a kid who fell 3 times 2 meets ago.)

His aa went up another 4 points! He has gained 6+ points on it this month (and i know it is judge dependent, and not always an indicator) but it is still a good thing to look at. He broke 60, which he spent all last season trying to do so ho he was excited! Oh, and he placed 1st all around!!

His team came in 3rd and they were so excited! Sounded like a good meet :)
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Aug 1, 2010
Sounds like another good meet! J is still chasing that elusive 60 too - fingers crossed for next weekend. WTG on the pirouette on high bar and the returning vault.
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