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For Parents Yipee!! A Giant in the 2nd meet

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gym monkeys mom

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Oct 3, 2007
S for those of you who have stood by my DD and myself. It is official DD is now doing giants and competeing them in a meet. Yea!!

This was our 2nd meet of this year and she did it and i was very proud of her.:eek:

However somewhere in the process of conquering the Giant she has lost her clear hip ugh!! DD is working on that now with her coach. I am convinced that bars will be a continual struggle for her. This being said she looks way better on bars this year than ever before.

She came out with an 8.05 from a 9.2 start value she got no credit for her clear hip. I am still proud as she through her giant and flyaway no problem I am sure the other stuff will clean up easy.

DD had a great meet all around she has changed a section of her floor routine and got an 8.85 this is a great floor score for her as she tubles well but lacks finish on alot of her dacne skills. I think she finally is connecting all the dots this year. yeah

Vault has always been strong and she got a 8.9 this is good. She has a few places to clean this up and maybe get a 9 next time. She likes to vault.

Going into beam she was right on track to qualify for state (AA35). Beam is usually strong for her but, these first 2 meets have been tough. She is struggling with her serise and also fell on her 3/4 jump. She and her coach decided to change her series. She will do handspring handspring for some reason she thinks this is easier than walkover handspring. hey maybe for her it is. If she does this she can take her 3/4 jump out yeah!!

Her all around was 33.65. She got a 7.785 on beam not bad considering 2 falls and series connected.

We are very proud of her and the progress she has made this year. My husband thinks she looks so much better this year. Thanks for all the support and I will keep you updated.


You should be very proud of her! It's always such a good feeling when they learn new skills, isn't it? WTG! :applause:


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Feb 26, 2007
Great job, sounds like she has some great improvements. Still earli in the season and lots of time to qualify to States.


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Mar 9, 2008
Congrats to your DD!!!Such a great accomplishment to finally be competeing her giant! Just going for it is the key!!!:D


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Jan 17, 2008

Beetle & I are so proud of her!

But doesnt this sport make you so furious? One step forward two steps back ... silly clear hip - she will get it back I am confident of it.

I know she will do it in the next meet!


Congratulations on her achievement, that is so totally awesome, I can relate cause we are still lacking that skill and looking at not competing bars for the 2nd meet, so pleaseeeee send that "giant" fairy our way soon! Tell her great job from us!! P.S. Its actually the cast to handstand then giant fairy! LOL!


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Yay on the giants! It seems common that when they focus soooo hard on a difficult skill, that they temporarily "lose" one they had for awhile. I am sure she will get it back. When she does, look out! :D Looks like her and her coach are working together to get routines that work for her. I am sure it will all click soon and she will qualify for states. :D


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Jun 26, 2006
Ontario, Canada
Way to go on the Giants! My daughter will be competing hers in her next meet, Feb 14th weekend (knock on wood) They are not an easy skill.

I hope she is suitably proud of herself!


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Sep 4, 2008
Dallas, TX
congrats to your DD. I know how hard that giant flyaway is.....It was tough for my DD also... It will all fall together soon and then it will be " that's easy" lol ... :)
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