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    What is your floor music?

    right now I have slaves to Rome from the movie gladiator, but I might be getting the race by yello.
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    What is your floor music?

    im doing slaves to rome from gladiator this year, but next year im convincing my coach to let me have tokyo drift, my friend em has angels and demons and its really super cool
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    Floor music!!!!

    my favorite part of gymnastics, floor music, i have slaves to rome from gladiator right now, but next season i want to do tokyo drift, haha, i have such a wide range of floor music, last season i had ice age, and this year i have gladiator, next year i hope i can convince my coach to let me have...
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    Competing on injuries?

    probably one of the biggest meets (in size) i have EVER competed in in my LIFE, and i sprained my hand tumbling five days earlier, surprisingly i did really well, i won vault, i got third on floor, and i did really well on beam, i scratched bars, but it was a REALLY good meet for me.
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    Whats in your Gym Bag?

    i have more stuff than most people should have in their gym bags in mine.
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    Velvet leotards too hot?

    our old comp leos were black velvet, but we would just roll up our sleeves because since we are black diamond gymnastics, we always have black leos, but velvet leos also ventilate so you dont get hot, also, if you sweat, or you are on ur period or something then it doesnt show through if you...
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    School and Gymnastics

    our eighth grade is AT the high school so i guess we are in the same boat but i do a parent release so i can go to gym which starts at 1:30, that way it ends at 6 so i have time to do my hw and eat. i hope that helps!!:D
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    Level 8 floor Music How long??

    i am a level 8 and my floor routine is exactly 1:00 long and the longest level 8 routine in our gym so far is 1:14, most level 8s do 3 passes, but i would ask the coach.
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    Level 8 Beam - Dance Series

    last i heard, the straight jump is OUT of the code of points and is actually a deduction, but i bet her coach knows what he/she is doing.
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    New Rules - Level 8

    crap!!!!! i always over-rotate my giant giant flyaway, and i was hoping that i could do a double back instead! what's funny is that every level 8 in our gym last season did a double full on floor, a double back off the bars (except one who did a toe on front) and most did a tuck on beam...
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    thats not ME, there has been some confusion and i agree with geoffrey about the info, but im not kaitlyn and thanks!!!!
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    Your best, Your worst, Your favorite ( or your kids its for everyone)

    this morning before i went to gym, i wrote that my worst skill was my cast handstand bcuz i cant do it, however, today during warm up, i did it!!!!! it was kind of like when i came into gym a couple years ago and i saw the older girls doing their series on beam and i told my friend niki that i...
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    my parents want to publicize my gymnastics and they found this thing you can make to help, so my dad bought a website for me. im so excited and we havent set it up yet but look at this one that my dad showed me its called kaitlynclark.com i am so excited because i have this really cool new...
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    What kind of gymnast are you???!!

    i am 13 and a level 8 (finally) gymnast, and i actually have to go in about an hour, but i love doing giants (not on set yet) and fulls and hand pike pikes and im working on a ROBH on beam, and a Tsuk pike on vault, we all just got new beam and floor routines by this amazing choreographer...
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    Your best, Your worst, Your favorite ( or your kids its for everyone)

    favorite skill: GIANTS!!!!!!! favorite event: floor My best skill: my coach says all of my tumbling rocks but i guess that isnt a skill! best event: vault worst skill: cast handstand on bars, i can giant but i cant cast handstand Worst event: BARS