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Recent content by gymgirllove

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    Arm problems in back walkovers

    My daughter used to have a really solid back walkover but stoped practicing it due to a back injury, she’s trying to get it again but now when she’s going in to the bridge her arms give out from under her. Are there any good things to practice strengthening mostly elbows, but your back walkover...
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    Rip prevention

    Try your best to keep your hands covered while not at practice and use things like Neosporin and vasalene as much as possible
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    Switching process?

    She will be about 15 at the time give or take. The seccond option sounds great for her and I’ll have to tell her! Thanks
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    Switching process?

    My daughter is planing on switching out of Xcel and in to JO in a couple years, how dose that work typically? Her gym only goes up to platinum for Xcel so what level would she be moved in to (most likely) and is there any good to know information? I want to be prepared before hand
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    Xcel Skipping levels in Xcel

    My DD is 13 and in Xcel silver, and she wants to excel (lol) in her gymnastics and possibly skip a level. Shes worried that she won't be able to get where she wants with her gymnastics while being the oldest on her team, compared to the other girls it seems like she won't have much of a future...
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    Xcel Is 13 too old for xcel silver

    Is being 13 in Xcel silver old? My DDs the seccond oldest on on her team but I’ve heard other gyms have older girls. Do you think she is too old?
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    Xcel to JO?

    Thank you all for your opinions, I’ve talked to her about the things you have said and made it clear that a lot of options can be difficult for her. We decided to stay on xcel for now and possibly move once she has more skills and is more prepared.
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    Xcel to JO?

    My DD is in xcel silver, she wants to move to JO to go farther in her gymnastics. She is really old for her skill level so she worries about if it’s worth it. She’s 13, and according to the required skills, she will be sitting about at level three or four once she gets her round off back hand...