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  1. M

    Is It Vestibular??

    I have an 8 yr old gymnast who is training Level 5, with the potential to go Level 7 this spring. All of a sudden, she's fluctuating between being terrified of back handsprings and back walkovers on beam, and the next day she's fine. Today she decided she couldn't do a standing back handspring...
  2. marie83

    vestibular issues or something else?

    Hi all, I have a gymnast who started having issues going backwards 4 years ago. She was 9 years old, had her bhs on beam and was well on her way to becoming a super gymnast. One day she came into the gym and just couldn't go backwards. I remember pm'ing @dunno about this and he helped a lot -...
  3. JBS

    [Mental Toughness] Fear

    --------------------------------------------- This is a resource thread...please only post useful information...links...videos...etc. As useful info is posted...it will be copied into the first post of the thread. --------------------------------------------- Fear is an emotion induced by a...
  4. GymBoyzMom

    For Parents Balking on skills

    Last season, my son lost his back handsprings. He'd had BHSBHS for a year, when all of the sudden just before comp season, he just couldn't do them anymore. By Regionals, he had them back after a slow process throughout the season. It was painful for me, as a parent, to feel helpless as he...
  5. cbifoja

    About what age do vestibular issues start cropping up?

    My DD's coach was talking to me tonight about her frustration with my DD losing her connection on her beam series. It was a pleasant enough conversation with no ready solution of course. On the car ride home, DD asked me if HC and I were talking as friends or as "gymnastics people" so I was...
  6. G

    For Parents Learned something at Physical Therapy - Vestibular

    DS 14 is recovering from a concussion, and due to his persistent balance issues and gym, was sent to see a PT who specializes in vestibular/balance issues. It was VERY eye opening. DS is improving, and has excellent balance for the average kiddo, but the PT did give him some exercises and said...
  7. leapfrog

    Air sense

    I have a strange question. When you are doing a skill ( for example, a back full), are you supposed to know exactly where you are at all times, or just when taking off or landing? can you usually see clearly the entire way around? do you know how high you are? my coach is always confused when I...
  8. M

    Do vestibular issues come and go?

    My daughter had vestibular issues two seasons ago (L8). She was getting lost in the air on her fulls and even when her coach removed the fulls, she was twisting when she did not intend to do so. She would twist her whips or her layouts. By end of season, she seemed back on track. Last...
  9. GymMomK

    When Is It Time To Quit Gym??

    My dd is 11 years old and level 9. She's progressed quickly, but right now she is having trouble. Last season she had a block on her bhs bhs bb series. She is working towards getting it and has done it quite consistently lately. All of a sudden now, she has a fear of doing her giants and...
  10. E

    For Coaches Daughter who has back tumbling fears, but great front tumbling.. What to do?

    Hi Coaches.. my daughter started her back tumbling fear in level 6 with the ro bhs btuck. She can do it, but at times will have her mental block take over and will chicken out. Her front tumbling is great. Its fast and fearless. She completed level 6 and wanted to move to level 7, but her gym...
  11. T

    For Coaches Recovering a lost skill (Trampoline)

    I think I'm going to go insane. Our regional meet is less than 2 weeks out, and I have a level 6 kid who can score mid 8s on tramp who has suddenly lost the ability to do a back pike or back tuck. We had been doing drills to try and get rid of a few bad habits; for instance, he likes to...
  12. shadow

    Back tumbling fear issues...help please.

    i have a level 7 gymnast that is VERY afraid of going backwards. This is her second year at level 7 and last season went fine. Something happened at the beginning this summer and now she is afraid to tumble backwards, anything backwards on the beam and will not do a flyaway. Is there anything i...