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2 1/2 years after her injury, my DD overcame her fear

NY Dad

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Sep 2, 2016
New York
Back in Jan ’17, my DD broke her elbow attempting a CW on beam. When we were in the ER after her accident, she vowed that she was never going to step on a beam again. While it didn’t take her long to change her mind about that, she did come back much more fearful than she had been before.

Luckily for her, she won't need this skill until this coming season. I’m really glad that there has been very little external pressure on her to get it. She’s in USAIGC and for her upcoming season, she has a choice between BWO or CW on beam. Since she’s not the most flexible, I think at some point she determined that a CW is a better option for her.

Over the last few months, she’s periodically mentioned that she started working on her CW on beam, on a floor beam, with a spot, low beam, an extra wide beam, with an extra thick resi mat underneath (I don’t remember the order/specifics). I have been especially proud of her because of what I think getting this particular skill represents for her.

My dd was glowing after practice last night. She never has much to say about anything, so when she said she wanted to tell me about practice, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Usually an especially good (or bad) practice has had more to do with social interactions than with skills/gymnastics :rolleyes: . Anyway, she said that she got her CW on high beam without a spot and just a regular mat. She went into all the details about what let up to it, how she was feeling, who saw her do it,... I think she told me more about this practice than I had heard about the rest of summer training.

As some of you know, CB was there for me/us when I was looking for words of encouragement/advice after her accident, so I wanted to share her accomplishment with everyone.

Other than that, summer training has been going well. In a few weeks, it’s back to regular season training.


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Mar 11, 2014
How great! I do remember when she hurt herself. Amazng to see her choose to overcome it. It is these perosnal milestones that mean the most.


Proud Relative
Jun 26, 2016
Well done your DD!

I remember your original threads and how the first gym didn't help her at all with her fears - but it sounds like patience and waiting have paid off! Hope she has a great season!
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