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annual compulsory state meet brag


Verified Coach
Verified Coach
Former Gymnast
Jun 29, 2017
had a fun time at state this year with the lv4s :D
we didn't place as well (18T of 77 compared to 7/73), but our team score was comprised of all 2nd year 4's last year, and all 11 of our 4's this year are first years, so I'm pretty happy

bars was pretty great, we went from an 8.9 averg with 16 2nd year 4's (and some 1st years) to a 9.2 average with 11 :)
vault was pretty rough haha. seems like it takes 2 years for me to teach a front handspring. maybe i can cut it in half this next season lol. there were like 2 great vaults and the rest were questionable

floor and beam also went great but i don't really touch those.

see you again next year for my recap ;)

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