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Anyone in Jumpstart for TnT? What can they do at home to help prepare for testing.

Discussion in 'Trampoline & Tumbling (TRA)' started by UTMom2three, Jan 29, 2013.

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  1. UTMom2three

    UTMom2three New Member

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    My soon to be 10 year old wants to test this year. We have her doiing Push Ups, Pull Ups, Vup's, stretching, flexabilty exercises.. What else should she be doing.

  2. Moxiegrl83

    Moxiegrl83 Active Member Proud Parent

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    I'm not sure what Jumpstart is, but if it's an advanced class or program, sounds like you're off to a good start. Some of the conditioning my DD does is leg lifts on the wall bar, frog hops, stand against the wall, then squat like she's sitting in a chair, and hold it...there are a lot more, but she uses the equipment in the gym so not sure if you can do them at home. They do all kinds of stuff with a floor bar, squats on beam, those things on beam where they go up to their tip-toes, then back down. But I'm sure you'll get more suggestions for safe home conditioning.
  3. myersk20

    myersk20 New Member

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    This is our 6 year olds first time in Jumpstart (he competes as 7 this year). He has a great time doing it, but it is a lot of conditioning. They work extremely hard on the height of their jumps, jump rope, hanging with knees bent for times, push-ups (with feet flat - I can't remember what they are called) and various other things along with their skills. This website gives a lot of great information on it. There are judges guidelines that might be able to help you along the way. :: USA Gymnastics :: T&T JumpStart Program Overview ::

    I hope your daughter has a great time while working on everything!
  4. CoachGoofy

    CoachGoofy Guest

    The form for the conditioning at evaluations is very particular (and theyre cricket pushups. And your arms have to stay close. And they're brutal. Heh.)

    The leg lifts have to be both good and fast, which is part strength part practice. If her coaches go to nationals they reaallllllly should take the JumpStart evaluator course. It was free when I took it, & we would have been totally blindsided at how picky it is had we not actually been in there with "no, really, this is exactly how it needs to be".

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