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For Coaches BabyGiant/ long hang to pullover

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Feb 15, 2008
Is there a trick to getting a baby giant/long hang pullover to look nice and quickly transition into the underswing in the girls lvl 6 bar routine? It seems like a lot of girls kind of flop onto the bar and struggle to get their heads up, while others just make it look so easy! Just curious.


Aug 2, 2008
east coast
The difference is the kids who do a TRUE baby giant- high cast, big tap, pull toes over the bar in a candle, land on thighs on other side of bar. The other kids do a long hang pullover- low cast, bend arms, and flop over bar. It takes a long time because kids can be fearful of the baby giant. Actually doing real giants and the whole baby giant sequence in the straps helps dramatically.

Kids are fearful of the big cast and the candle action over the bar- so they bend their arms. Lots of spotting is involved to get it to look good- thats why L6 bar caoches backs always hurt- that and spotting all those clear hips!


They want to do a decent cast (at least horizontal), scoop (hollow body) down, whip under the high bar, scoop and kick the feet up high and hollow over the bar, shift the wrists fast (most girls do this too late so they end up laying on the bar), and also pull the chest up fast at the end. The more power the better.


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Jun 24, 2008
I tell the 6s that a long hang pull-over should feel similar to the L4 backward roll to push-up. Instead of pushing against the floor, they need to pull against the bar to lift their shoulders and flip their hands. We don't let the 6s do the pull-over right away; that encourages the piking and dumping over. They start by getting comfortable with doing a small cast into a swing, and once they're okay with that, they begin to get more aggressive with the tap and start to do a small cast to a lever (it goes a little past a lever... basically they get to a straight-body inverted position) to try to get the feel of pulling on the bar. After that, we spot them from a 3/4 HS to a 3/4 HS, and once they can do that well, they're allowed to do the baby giant into the underswing. (They should be doing giants on strap bar at this point, too.) It should be a continuous swing rather than a slam and pike onto the HB, then lift the chest, then underswing.
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