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Back hip circles


Verified Coach
Verified Coach
Former Gymnast
Jun 29, 2017
show them how to keep tension against the bar
and how to be tight
you can spot them
and then they can just spin around o_O


Verified Coach
Verified Coach
Proud Parent
Former Gymnast
Aug 18, 2011
In partners, one holds a floor bar against their legs whilst laying on their back in hollow shape, the other tries to pull the bar away and the one holding the bar must try to keep it pulled to their legs (straight arms).

From standing in hollow shape on a soft mat, holding a pole (floor bar is too heavy) against their legs, fall back to mat, holding hollow shape with pole pulled to legs.

Spot the full hip circle, encouraging tight shape, no cast, make sure they are looking at the bar at they go back


Verified Coach
Verified Coach
Proud Parent
May 9, 2009
Plano, TX
How do you teach back hip circles when they won’t stop dropping their hips
After the cast, they are typically afraid to go backwards, so the bend their arms and slide down the bar instead of whipping the shoulders back.
I just stop them from moving as soon as their arms bend and tell them to stop bending their arms.
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