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For Coaches competition leos

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Jun 17, 2009
ok usa
Ok we've been searching for our new leos for the upcoming season. We used Alpha Factor this last year and we're probably going to use them again. I have one gripe. We are considering their Euro cut for our leg cut however the picture in the catalog does anything but give us a clear look at the true cut of the leo. So i was wondering if anyone has used these leos with the Euro cut and if so I would love to get your opinion. Just trying to make a good decision, Id like the higher cut for longer body lines.


IMHO the high leg cut only looks flattering on a certain shape of gymnast. If you have girls under 10 on your team it is uneccessary and can look inappropriate. However it looks truely gross on older heavier set/ muscly girls. A high leg cut onto a big muscly leg does not make it look longer from most directions. And after all no one really looks good with their bits hanging out and that is what tends to happen if you aren't careful with a high leg cut. If your team is full of Nastias you will all look fabulous!
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