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For Parents DD's Level 3 State Meet

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Liv had her level 3 state meet last weekend and we had lots of fun!

Olivia was the only one competing that session from her team! The rest of the girls in her squad from other gyms cheered for her everytime she was up. Their sportsmanship really touched me and brought tears to my eyes. ;)

She started on floor. And she did a fairly good routine (atleast she didn't fall doing her RO!:rolleyes:) She did take an extra step back coming out of backwards roll but still managed to receive her highest score on floor yet: 8.825 and placed 5th.

Then it was off to vault. Not her best or favorite event although it is the only event she has received 9's. Well she ran, jumped and rolled and received her lowest score yet: 8.45 and did not place. Not quite sure why it was so low because dd has the exact same vault every time. :confused: It's always seems to be in slow motion!

Then it was bars. As you all know dd has yet to nail her mill circle in competiton and was scoring 8.3's 8.4's. Well she finally nailed her mill circle but unfortunately the rest of her routine was not as neat and received a very low score: 8.025 and placed 8th:eek:! How do you explain that to 5 year old? I just told her how proud I was of her for nailing her mill circle and left it at that.

Then came beam. DD's favorite event. She did one of her better routines and received her first 9. :D There was no bobble!! She scored a 9.15 and placed 2nd! :DShe loved going up on the podium! She said she wants to do that everytime.

DD was also concered about not scoring a 36AA. According to HC you need a 36AA to move to the next level. DD is one of the few that has not scored a 36 or a 35 for that matter but is the most ready for L4 (she has all her skills). HC hasn't personally told me she plans to hold dd back although she has mentioned it to the few other parents whose dd have not scored a 36. Last week at practice they were teaching dd L4 beam and floor routines and she was looking pretty good!! I will post a video of her beginning progress of L4. In the meantime here is her L3 state meet video:

YouTube - Level 3 State Championship- age 5


She had a great meet, so good for only five years old and adorable !!:eek:


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Feb 26, 2007
What a lovely job she did, I was very impressed. She really is a beam queen!!!


How super adorable!!! She has some good skills and basic qualities there. When does she turn 6yrs?

We have a little gymmie in the gym very similar in body qualities there, ready to move up, but we couldn't move her up and compete her until she turned 6yrs old. She just did last week, but she's finishing up as Level 3 for the state meet in Dec then we will move her for our winter season starting the end of Jan. We don't have a Spring State meet though.

We aren't as score oriented for move ups, as long as all the skills are there to compete at the level they are gunning for. We have a few exception skill, but really it's only the front hip circle for Level 4. This is a safe one to compete without needing a spot. Usually this is enough to hold some back and compete for those super great 35's & 36's while the next level skills come about. We will draw the line if the quality of skills are really borderline, but for the most part that hasn't happened yet, and we maintain a strict coach's perogative for moveups and state meet qualifications. If we feel someone shouldn't be held back, we will advance. Although we do have a minimum score to achieve for state qualifications, higher than the state minimums. We stuck to it last year and not all our gymnasts qualified, but it sure lit the fire under some of them, and now only one didn't qualify this year.

Seeing your little gymmie, I wouldn't hold back for that score if it was me. She has some raw talent and finesse for a 5 yr old. As long as she is 6 yrs before she will compete as a Level 4.

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Sep 8, 2007
Good job Liv!She is such amazing little girl everytime I watch one of her videos I cannot believe she is only 5.I would have thought her bars would have gotten a higher score too ,but I am not a judge.


Great job, Olivia! She was so cute as she pranced off the floor after her routine! You can see how she loves her sport and is brimming w/ confidence. That is what it's all about! What a happy kid! And great job supporting her, Mom! :)


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Sep 25, 2007
I can't imagine they could hold her back. She is only 5 and has amazing skills, grace and poise. She did awesome and I am sure she will rock L4! Way to go Olivia!!

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Dec 23, 2006
Glad she had a great time at states and came home with a silver medal!!! Thats awesome. Great way to handle her bars routine---stress the positive of getting that mill circle. As for scores, many judges score tighter at the state meet(even for the lower levels) since they feel these are the best of their level/age.

As for a mandatory move up score, I'm not in favor of that. There is so much to be considered when deciding to move a gymmie up---skills, work ethic, maturity, ability to deal with competitions/stress, take corrections, handle more hours of practice---the list goes on and on. I do think setting a score can make it "easier" for some coaches to dodge the question of why didn't my dd move up?

Is this it for Olivia for the year or do you do a 2nd season in the spring? She is terribly cute and sure seems to love performing!!!


Thank you all for all your nice comments!

Well dd's HC spoke with me finally about dd's plan for the future. She has decided to let dd train with the level 4s. She will still have to compete L3 on Jan. 11th since our gym is hosting it because she is not old enough to compete L4 with the rest of her team. She officially has all her L4 skills. Of course her beam still needs to be cleaned up but I am confident she wil "rock" them like she eventually did in L3. In her vault she also still pikes to handstand but I imagine that will improve with lots and lots of practice.

Coach definately set up a mobility score to dodge the question from parents of 3 gymmies that are not moving up. When these parents ask me about DD I also dodge the question as to avoid problems.

Our compulsories only season is in the fall although they can compete in spring if they want. If there were a competition after April 14th then I would let her compete level 4 as practice for her fall season. I am not sure yet if that would be possible though. I guess I would need to look into that. For now dd is SUPER happy training L4 and today HC let her do cast handstand backhip circle and was elated!!! Her face was priceless! She was a bundle of joy today!!


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Jul 12, 2007
Livvy did such a great job! I still did not get the bar score... Shame on coach for not wisking her immediately away to train with the L4's!!!! Glad they came to their senses.

Liv will rock the socks off of Level 4 when she competes! Can't wait :D

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Sep 9, 2008
Good for Olivia! She did great! Watch out level 4! Congratulations! I am like you, can't figure out the scoring half the time. Sometimes I think DD did a fabulous job and am shoked by her score and then others, she'll have a few bobbles/mistakes and scores higher. Has anyone noticed that, depending where they are in the lineup for each event, really effects what their scores are? We have noticed that at some meets, the scores just go up in increments from the first gymmie to the last. Unless there is a mistake, we notice that this seems to be the case. Anyhow, Olivia is awesome! Good luck to her in level 4 because I can not imagine they would keep her back! She rocks!


Yea, Olivia! And congrats on the promotion! How wonderful!!!
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