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For Parents Flip Fest Summer Camp 09

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Can anyone give me some insight on this summer camp. Daughter really wants to go she is 8 years old and never been away from home longer then 1 night. My husband says it will be good for her and she will hopefully learn some new gymnastic skills. But just being a Mom and worried about, bedtime, showering, hair, and just missing home. Help!!!:confused:


Jan 27, 2009
myrtle beach
I just signed my 11 year old level 7 up last night. She has never been away from home either. I am a little nervous but our gym said it was a great program. She is looking forward to it. I will miss her very much but I am sure they will get alot out of it.


Apr 11, 2008

My daughter has been going to FlipFest since she was a 6 year old Level 4 (she is 10 now). It is a great camp. John and John are excellent. They really do a terrific job of making the campers feel welcome and comfortable (and the parents too). There is a good mix of training time and fun activities. My dd has always traveled there with her team, so I had the extra comfort of knowing that her coaches and older teammates were looking out for her as well. I highly recommend the camp. We have always had positive experiences.


My daughter went last year (age 9) for the first time. She had a blast and can't wait to go back. She went with a coach and large group from our gym. Two six year olds went with the group (one had a parent coach go along). My daughter mentioned that one of the 6 year olds seemed somewhat lost..it seems there is bit of unstructured time where the girls buddy up. Some of the nighttime activities might be geared more toward older girls (e.g., a haunted night hike thru the woods and a dance). I will wait til next year to send my 8 year old (she wants to go but I know she won't make it away from home for a week!). I don't think either daughter would enjoy it without the group from their gym.
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