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Front hip circle trouble

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Ok I had a lapse in ability, I used to be able to correctly execute a front hip circle, by this i mean I came up with elbows only slightly bent and in a graceful rythm of sorts,
Now my arms keep bending and my bodies awkwardly supported on my stomach when ever I come back up???
I havent done this with a coach BUT the thing is i could and now Im not

Help? tips? Suggs? =D Thanks so much :)


Oct 1, 2008
Brooklyn, NY

Thats really all I can say. Maybe its a mental block or something. Since you can see your problems and what you need to fix you can do it! As your coming at the point when you bend you arms keep them straight. Make the physical change to what your mentally noticing as you problem. What I do with a skill I just can't seem to get is picture it and try till I get it right. Practice. Have you seen them done before. Watching a video of someone doing (well) Can let you see what needs to be done. Oh yeah, and go fast momentum might help.


Feb 3, 2009
Make sure at the beginning of the front hip circle to really extend your chest and shoulders outward to start good rotation. Don't dump into it. Also, don't hold your legs back when you begin to rotate around the bar. That makes the front hip circle slower and harder. A good stretch at the beginning will make it rotate faster and you'll be less likely to end it with bent arms on your belly.
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