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Great West Gymfest

Discussion in 'Parent Forum' started by hunde2, Feb 10, 2008.

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  1. My DD gym is the host of the Great West Gymfest.Anybody competing there?:)
  2. Gwgf

    We are so excited. DD competes at YMCA in Stuart FL, Level 10. We leave for GWGF on 2/21 and she competes 2/22. We will be very cold....Our coach is from Siberia originally, so he picks out out of state competition where the skiing is good! The plus for us is that my sister-in-law and mother-in-law live in Post Falls...I think 12 or 15 relatives are coming to watch Chloe compete. We are staying at the resort Thur-Sat and then going to Post Falls before we fly out. I have heard the meet is a lot of fun. We are looking forward to attending! We will be the ones with some tan.
  3. Great,you will have lots of fun.Skiing is great also.Check out Schweitzer.I think it is the best around here.Good Luck on the meet.Hope your DD makes it to finals.My DD will also be competing on Friday she is in the second session at the resort.

  4. I wish we were coming back. The GWGF is just an awesome meet. My gymmie got to go last year with her previous gym as a L6 and just had a blast(ok it helped that the team won). Lots to do and alot of good gymnastics to watch when not competing.

    Best wishes to Awposey and Hunde's dd's at the meet.
  5. We'll be there... All American Gymnastics from Kennewick, WA. My daughter is a Level 5. She competes Friday evening.

  6. We tried going this year but the flights in and out of Cour de' lane didn't make the flights with a large team very easy.
    My daughter is asking what color of Leos you have.Did you go to the Palouse Invitational?

  8. Our leos are red on top/blue on the bottom... easiest way to see them is to go to AllAmericanGymnasticsCenter.com. Was the Palouse Invitational the meet in Moscow? We didn't go, although a few on the team did. We were worried we wouldn't make it to Boise for the Gem State Invitational (highway was closed off & on that week) and the coach found the Moscow meet and discovered we could still enter. It was an optional meet for us... I think five or six girls went. I didn't have DD compete because I was going to be out-of-town.

    We are looking forward to the GWGF. I need to call tomorrow and see if there are still tix available for the Ice Cream Social.

  9. Yes it was in Moscow.The highway we had to take was closed the night before too.I did not think it would be open in time,but it was.My daughter will be competing Friday morning.I'm planning to go to the Ice Cream Social to,but don't have any tickets yet.

  10. I called today and the Ice Cream Social tickets are sold out. If you know of anyone who has extras, I would love to get even one. Three would be ideal, but I would take one or two and send DD w/my friend who was smart enough to buy her tix in January. :)

  11. I will let you Know
  12. We are going to GWGF, also went to Palouse meet(m

    My daughter competes level 5 for Northwest. Her leo was bright green and bright blue. What level is your daughter?
  13. My daughter is Level 8 and was in the 2 pm session in Moscow.
  14. Our team will be there too. My daughter is Level 5 and competes on Saturday. We went last year. It's a fun meet and there are sooo many talented gymnasts. Are Olympians handing out the awards again?

  15. Which session are you in? Our Level 5 session is Friday evening.

  16. Our team is in session 6. Originally they were scheduled for Friday, but then they were switched to another session. It seems as if there are a TON of level 5's this year :). Good luck!!!
  17. We are here at GWGF all the way from FL. We compete level 10 tonight at 6pm!
  18. I don't know if the Olympians hand out the awards.
  19. We compete Saturday morning at 8

    Good luck! What gym are you with?
  20. Great Videos

    Hunde2- I was on youtube and saw your dd's vault and floor, they looked just beautiful. I especially loved the way she stuck that second vault! Did she score well? I hope so. You have a very beautiful and talented daughter!
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