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GymCastic is awesome

Discussion in '2017 World Gymnastics Championships' started by profmom, Oct 3, 2017.

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  1. These volunteers have put together a full-scale,highly professional media operation to report on worlds. They are there at every session and have been grabbing athletes and doing interviews. I highly recommend their twitter feed if you want to know what's going on in Montreal . . . including the high drama of the broken floor in this morning's session!

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  2. What? The floor broke?
    Details please, for those who cannot spend too much time searching for info.
  3. And for those who don't have Twitter...
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  4. Thanks for that link. The interview with Bram Verhofstad was adorable!
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  5. I will watch that. He is D's favorite now.
  6. Holy crap!
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  7. Be fair warned, he did let a bit of salty language slip!
  8. ah.. D is 15....he can handle it ;)
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  9. I'm telling you, GymCastic is only getting better and better. They are one of the top sources for gymnastics news nowadays. I listen to them every week and their coverage during this Worlds so far has been incredible.

    They have also had tons of great interviews over the years on their show from so many gymnasts and other important people in the industry. If you're an avid gymnastics fan, you owe it to yourself to listen to them!
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  10. I must admit that I can't handle Gymcastic recorded things. The interviewer at Worlds asked rather cringey questions, and her mannerisms are just annoying. The gymnasts were more poised than she was, which is very unusual, let's be honest. It's the same reason I don't listen to the podcast.

    The level of coverage, however, is impressive, as was the cinematography with podium training. I was grateful for that excellent footage (and also for free footage from Flo, which is very unusual of them). Their tweets and updates are also well-received.
  11. The fact is they are improving gymnastics media for the fans and making gymnastics more visible to others, not to mention doing a ton of positive things for the sport in general with their work. Opinions on the podcast are enormously positive for these reasons.

    There are many, many gymnasts and coaches who already know Jessica (the person in charge at GymCastic), and are more than happy to talk with her on a more relaxed and personal basis, which is probably a breath of fresh air for these high level athletes in the spotlight.
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  12. Content quality is a matter of personal preference. I praised the object goodness of the concept, including the level of coverage and the quality of the film.

    One of their greatest achievements was undoubtedly the Maroney tell-all video. That was a hugely valuable (and sobering) addition to the gymnastics community.
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  13. He seems to be the guy we all want our kids to compete with.
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  14. I agree. I've listened to GC for several years (I love podcasts), and they just get better every year.
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  15. Jessica is very good at what she does.
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