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i know its not a question

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May 13, 2008
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
im kinda getting tired of people making those people saying gymnastics is xxxxx
i really dont care what the heck u think i like it and thats all that matters to me sorry if im sounding mean but im just telling it like it is
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I think the reason some people say that is because they haven't experienced the sport. They haven't felt the thrill of throwing yourself up in the air and twisting your body around and landing on your feet again. They don't know what the sport is like so they criticize it. You know how when people don't feel comfortable they make jokes? Well that seems to be the case with people saying gymnastics is gay. Just don't worry about those people and say try it before you criticize or just ignore the comments :)


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Jul 5, 2007
I'm pretty sure most people are at least ambivalent about gymnastics on this board. If you mean you're tired of people making threads about what other people say, there's like, one, so I'm still kind of confused. In general I do agree it doesn't really matter what other people think and they're probably insecure if they feel the need to randomly bring someone else down.


Everyone here on chalkbucket loves gymnastics and are fans so don't even worry about it. Just forget about it.
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