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Inside Gymnastics Magazine

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Oct 2, 2008
I posted about this once before. I am STILL having problems with this company. It is maddening. No reponse to email or voicemail.
So, I'm just curious if anyone else who subscribes to this magazine has received the January/February issue (now that February is almost over)?

(I'm also still waiting for the free poster that was promised when I subscribed in August)


Mar 14, 2007
I did not receive that issue yet either - and I`ve also constantly had problems receiving the issues.
I was lucky to receive a reply to my e-mail though and got the missing issues after telling them I will not renew my subscription and stuff. I hope they don`t fall back into not sending issues again now......I will definitely not renew my subscription then.

International Gymnast is so much better with that. I never missed an issue there.


Feb 3, 2009
I may be partial because I do have an ad in the Inside Gymnastics Magazine for my book. They called me just last week and said the Jan/Feb issue is a bit behind schedule but is on the way. They've been pretty good about calling me and the guy is very friendly and helpful! I wouldn't cancel my subscription. Their magazine is so much better than International Gymnast Magazine (which I've been a subscriber to for over 30 years). In my opinion, there's no comparison. Hang in there, be patient. Remember they haven't been around as long as IG and they also handle Inside Cheerleading Magazine too.
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