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Jun 26, 2006
Ontario, Canada
Hi Laura,

I saw your post in the coaches forum, about end of the year awards. Since I'm not a coach and can't reply there, I thought I'd offer some suggestions here! You might find you get more replys on this type of question if you post it here, where anyone can offer suggestions!

Some Awards I've seen or heard of:

Most determined
Best Leaps/Jumps
Most Improved
Best Form
Best Attitude
Best Spotter (if kids are old enough to spot each other on some skills)
Perfect Attendance
Most Encouraging
Most Powerful
Most Graceful
Most Artistic
Most Entertaining
Dismount Award (for the kid who nails them all when it counts!)
And of course, we always have a "Gymnast of the Year" award too!

I hope these suggestions help!
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