Looking for a used mushroom

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Aug 20, 2009
Anyone know of a good source for this kind of thing? I looked on craig's list and only found one, and they were asking $200....I don't really want to spend that much (maybe I'm being unrealistic, but I'd like to keep it closer to $100, otherwise I'd just buy a new one)

At this point Mushroom is his only problem, he's excelling at everything else. Coach has suggested (several times) that we get him one for home, and I'm finally starting to give in.

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Jun 3, 2009
Really from what I've seen you won't be able to find a used mushroom much cheaper than about $150-$180. Typically a gymnast will buy one and may use it through their level 4 and 5 years, and then sell it. I know American Gymnast (www.american-gymnast.com) sells a new mushroom (Gym Trix Ultra Dome) for about $260. Or you can check out the Gym Trix site (www.gym-trix.com), they sell just the top for a little bit cheaper.

If you haven't already check with the parents of some of the upper level boys at your gym, see if they have a mushroom they might want to sell.

Hope that helps!


If you have the time and tools, it might be an option to build one. Maybe there is a craftsman in your family. Nothing ridiculously tough.

If you are, post so and I will see up digging up the resources I know for making one of your own. You might be able to find it through a google or searching Drillsandskills.com forum.


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Apr 28, 2009
614-531-4163. ask for shawn.


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Sep 24, 2009

My son has the same problem, excels at the other 5 events and just can't seem to catch the technique for mushroom. We ended up building one out of one of those power line cable spools that the power companies use to roll their large wires on. We put foam on top and shaped it like a mushroom top. We then covered it with leather and stapled it underneath. It looks very similar to the mushroom the boys use at our gym. Good luck!
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