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MIT Cuts mens and Womans Gymnastics program

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Nov 3, 2008
Region IV (Missouri)
MIT announced it will cut the Mens and Womans Gymnastics, along with a number other varsity sports but then end of this term.

The reason. Save the school (who has over a $1 billion endowment) $485k in 2010? To me, This is a budgetary comparison to a HS cutting it's athletics program to save on the cost of the cutting grass. I would think the insurance, assuming they arent self-insured, would cost more.

The article A Letter to the MIT Community on Sport Reduction - MIT OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE posts a very polically correct letter, but something still smells to me. I guess I'm not buying a school as prestigious as MIT would make such deep cuts for so little (in comparison) return. Especially when they can tap into a very lucrative nestegg during these economic downtimes.
Not open for further replies.