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new coach

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Feb 8, 2008
We just got kinda half a new coach for team and he's the first male coach we have had in the gym at least in the last six years, probably more. He completely fixed my entire team's front handsprings today just by critiquing their hurdles. He also got one girl to set on her back tuck but screaming across the whole gym that she needed to get her arms by her ears. It surprised her and then she remembered to think about it on her next turn. He spotted my BHS on beam too and it was weird because I only let one of my coaches spot me on those but he definitely knew what he was doing... it was fun. Summer camp is the only other time I got to have a male spotter. It's nice because they can actually flip you over and put you back on the beam without trouble if it's the first time you are doing a new skill. I think i'm going to like this!!


Great! Keep us posted on how it goes. It's always nice to get fresh ideas and techniques into the gym, and a good mix of male & female coaches is helpful also! Hope you learn some new stuff! :p
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