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New Mom to chalk bucket! Hello everyone.

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Hello everyone! I am new to this whole chalk bucket thing! I have joined b/c our 4 year old daughter is a gymnast and just asked to move up to L3 (AAU) in June. (She will be 5, june 21st) We are very proud of her but nervous at the same time :confused: Hoping to talk with other mom with young gymnast?!?
Thanks for checking me out!


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Mar 7, 2008
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Hi & welcome! I have 2 girls. My youngest is now 7, level 5. Our gym just started USAG level 3 last yr but we don't compete it. My DD was 5 and training Level 4, started competing just after her 6th b'day. It's a whole different experience for me, we are going thru different challenges than my older DD who started competing L4 at 8 yrs old.


Welcome !! There are a few parents on here with little ones training a lot of hours who can probably give you some good feedback. My dd didn't even start gymnastics until she was 5 - she did preteam/L3 when she was 7, started competing level 4 when she was 8. She is now an 11yo L7.



Hello and welcome! You will find this place to be very helpful and useful. there is a lot support and moms with lots of experience and knowledge here.

I have two daughters. My oldest just turned 5 on April 14th and is currently training Level 4. She won't be able to compete till she is six though. Our head coach hasn't really ever competed Level 3 but I think they just might this year so dd can compete. She had one competition back in Feb. (Level 2) and dd LOVED it!!
My younger daughter will turn 4 in May and is in a recreational class.

How many hours does your dd train?? Is she currently in a preteam class?


Hi, Amy!!!! :wave: With you living so near me, I expect we'll be chatting a lot and have lots of stories to share. :D
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