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Restricted Trampoline Use Thoughts

Discussion in 'Canada' started by hawaii_gymnast, Jul 14, 2018.

  1. In Alberta Trampoline use of any kind has been restricted to competitive athletes only under the direct supervision of a Level 2 certified coach.

    Recreational classes of any kind are allowed no trampoline use even under supervision of a certified coach. Trampoline use includes trampolines, tumbletrack and even rebounders.

    Competitive athletes may still use trampoline if being supervised by a Level 2 coach, making Level 1 trampoline certification meaningless.

    This all just came out in the past couple days that due to a major increase in insurance rates this is what they have done to be able to accommodate. It is rumoured that it will eventually be going Canada wide.

    Anybody have any thoughts on this?
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  2. Can’t say I am entirely surprised! Liturgation in this day and age is going crazy.

    We don’t have these restrictions, but only a coach with an advanced level accreditation can teach or supervise a salto skill on trampoline in any gymnastics club in Australia.

    Also if a gymnast is injured in your Club in a regular gymnastics class you pay a $1000 excess to the insurance company, but if they are injured in a trampoline class, you pay a $20,000 excess. At this stage if you are using trampolines in a non trampoline class, ie as a tool to teach skills in WAG Or MAG, it is still only the $1000 but who knows what will happen next.
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  3. I think there is a place for recreational trampoline classes but the big centres should go.
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  4. Could this be a rule to get more kids competing? It sounds like rec tramp won't be able to exist, so the kids will have to compete to keep doing their sport
  5. I'm wondering if this has something to do with the big trampoline play centers in addition to insurance? This law would seemingly eliminate those. I think that it has some good elements, like requiring coaches supervising trampoline to have specific certifications- but I think maybe it goes a little over the top. How are they going to get kids onto Trampoline teams without any recreational programs?
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  6. That is a huge change, I wonder if it will filter down to other provinces. I agree that it probably has to do with insurance and the changes in that industry for trampoline centers. Shame it has to affect qualified coaches and clubs though. Those jump centers are just accidents waiting to happen.
  7. What I have heard is the insurance company has lumped gymnastics club trampoline use in the same criteria as a trampoline park so the rates are insane due to all the trampoline park accidents. They do not see that a gymnastics club even in a recreational setting is totally different.

    I think lots of clubs rec numbers are going to suffer, lots of young kids especially boys only come to gymnastics to do trampoline.

    Lots of clubs are looking into private insurance so they can continue trampoline use.
  8. My son is in the CanJump program, trampoline equivalent of CanGym... hoping this isn’t a policy that will end up in NL
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  9. What they did here was move CanJump to the developmental program, so the provincial federation membership fee has gone up to cover the increase in insurance costs. That means around here paying about $50 more a year for that program.

    Other than that nothing changed other than more strict coach certification requirements related to trampoline use.
  10. Yes, I totally agree. Wrong landing on trampoline can hurt you badly for long term. So use it under supervision and read the full guidelines first and take proper training of jumping on trampoline so that you may not face any trouble.
  11. I would think this would hurt gymnastics classes at all levels, since tumble trak is utilized daily for almost all rec level classes. I understand the dangers, but they should separate the parks from the supervised, proper training. Gyms can go bankrupt under the $20,000 fine.
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