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Return after 1 1/2 years off?


Proud Parent
Apr 30, 2015
Just curious of anyone with words of advice or thoughts about a kiddo coming back after a LONG hiatus? She left after level 8. Life was insane with some pretty tragic events in our family and we ALL needed a break. She’s now 13 (pretty much 14) and just wants to be back in the gym. No major aspirations but more because of the love of the sport and the friends that were like family.
She’s taller, and heavier :) But can still flip and do pull-ups. She’s been active with track and comp cheer so she
Hasn’t been sitting on the couch eating chips..but I know ..obviously that gymnastics is no joke.
But anyway, just some words of encouragement or even: Dear Heavens don’t do it ..or stories of the same.
thanks all in advance


Staff member
Proud Relative
Sep 4, 2008
Welcome back, it’s nice to see you again. That’s great! Does she want to return to the same gym? Look at some gyms within a reasonable drive. Think about Xcel, she could still compete and have teammates but with less pressure and hours. Please keep us posted.


Proud Parent
May 12, 2013
That's great! My daughter decided to.come to gym after over a year and half out and she is very happy (it's been 6 months since she returned)

My words of advice...make her take it slow. My kid pushed herself right out of the gate and her body was not ready after the hiatus. She threw skills she shouldn't have just because she could. She dealt with 2 months of restricted training because of severe calf pain, some time off for back pain, a broken toe, and in general exhaustion and stress. She felt she needed to be able to do everything the other girls could right away. She hated being behind (she didnt even have her kip anymore when she came back)
This all forced her to slow it down and now she is doing great; had her first meet back and did wonderfully even through all the nerves and pressure she put on herself. She finally understands that the strength needed to come back before the skills...very hard lesson for an 11 year old that just wants to do tricks she used to love so much.

Her new 6 inches taller and more mature body (she left gym at 9 and came back at 11) made it necessary to relearn gymnastics differently but she is way better now than she was before leaving. She is happy and thriving.

Good luck to your gymnast! It is very very possible but it is a hard road coming back, especially at higher level like your daughter (mine left after 5, came back as 6 so far less BIG skills than yours will deal with) She will do great! These kids are so determined...if she wants a return, she can make it happen.
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Former Gymnast
Aug 30, 2012
Now would be a great time to start back as it would give her about a year of training time to get ready. Lower pressure but can be back in team atmosphere too. I’d give it a go.
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