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Discussion in 'UK' started by twinklytoes9468, Aug 1, 2018.

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  1. Hi I am trying to cheaply equip a new satellite venue for rec gymnasts.I am thinking of buying vault , beams and mini A bars from this company (slimgym) but can't find any reviews about them online.Has anyone had any experience of their products and customer service?
  2. I have purchased from this company and can say their customer service was excellent. I brought the vault which is really good and true to size but very difficult to adjust the height. I also found that it did not have any rubbers on its feet so if you are putting it on a smooth surface then you should either anchor it down or put it on some form of non slip mat. I was going to purchase the adjustable beam but it was not possible to have it full sized (height) without paying extra which brought the price up to the same as the other notable manufacturers.

    All in all this company has some very reasonable priced equipment which is well made and fit for purpose. I would suggest ringing and chatting with them for your needs so that you know exactly what you're getting you will find they are very accommodating.
  3. Thank you.I have ordered a vaulting table so your post was very reassuring.I am finding it very hard to get hold of slimgym to speak to though.I have emailed and rung but no joy.
    I also want a couple of reasonably priced 3ft high beams.They have them in 8ft lengths but I think we need at least 10ft
  4. ok so I am now very concerned about this company.I have paid over £400 of my own money for a piece of equipment which they said was in stock and available for immediate delivery and they don't answer their phone or respond to their messages.
    Also bought something else from their ebay shop, they cancelled the order next day and refunded the item a few days later saying the item would not be in stock for 8 weeks.Then they relisted. a couple of days later.
  5. Concerns were unfounded, equipment has come and its brilliant!
Thread Status:
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