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Stupid question about saluting

Discussion in 'Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)' started by Jard.the.gymnast, May 22, 2018.

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  1. I recently took a Job as boys coach. Previously I have always been girls exclusive. These boys do an in house competition and possibly a rec competition.

    So how do they salute. I've seen one arm up, both arms up, just a little movement of the head. What is the regular way, or doesn't it really matter?
  2. It is very team specific.

    there is the "high V" which is with both arms up in a V, palms out.

    There is the "gymnastics salute" which is the right arm up to the side at an angle, palm out, or right by the head with palm in

    Some teams do a bow at the end of their routine.
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  3. As mentioned by skschlag it’s very team specific. DS does a right arm by the head with palm facing in before starting his routines, then a wide high-v after his dismount after which he turns to the judges and bows. At his old gym they had a two arm by the head salute.
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  4. I always tell my kids that the salutes "book-end" the routine. Salute the judge with one arm. Present to the equipment with both arms up or out. Routine. Finish with both arms up again - turn to salute judge with one arm. Mainly just be consistent and professional. The judges usually allow quite a bit of leeway - just don't forget the last salute.

  5. I have to admit, krc, that some gyms I have seen have gone to the bow that looks more like a head nod. I much prefer the "bookends" which is what D's team does.
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  6. I grew up watching and admiring the Japanese teams of the 70's who sometimes bowed to the judge at the end of a set (and sometimes just walked off!). Personally I feel it is a cultural thing, as we are not Japanese, I ask my guys to salute. Not a fan of the head nod :)
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  7. My kid's team switched over to the "bow" at the end of routines this past season and I do not like it at all. I think in general Americans are pretty hopeless at bowing. I think the bow is awful at the end of routines as it simply looks like sheepish head hang or a curt nod! Nice, crisp, clear, "bookend" salutes as krc describes are my preference. Also, teach the kids to smile or at least not look like their dog just died. Judges may not care but the moms will thank you.
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  8. I had to look at video's to remember what my son does. He does the one arm salute to the judge after the flag is raised then turns back to the apparatus and sort of salutes the apparatus with both arms extended out from his side. After he dismounts, he extends his arms out to the side again and turns to the judges with the arms remain out and then nods.
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  9. We do the one arm salute before the routine and then two arms after the routine (I think this is mostly just related to the fact that they land that way to better balance). Then they turn to the judge and do a small bow. The bow just started this year.
  10. I guess I'm the odd one because I like the half bow thing. Our boys don't use it but I have seen other teams who do and it always looks respectful to me. Ours use the two arm salute, except I think on vault they first salute with one arm then turn and face the vault and put both up.
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  11. Unfortunately, I have seen it turn into just a nod. I like the salute better.....
  12. Ah, that wouldn't be good. In fact, my 11 year old just got all electronics confiscated because a little girl from his school said hi to him at a concert yesterday and he couldn't be bothered to form a word, just gave an obnoxious head nod. So I'm definitely not in favor of boys giving just a nod to the judges! The teams I saw using it definitely had a bend to their body when they did it, not just a "wassup" nod :D
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  13. !!!! hahaha. I find this funny. Parenting win for @acam1103
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  14. I know during awards the salute is one arm by the ear but I had to look for the routines. They do both arms at the beginning and the end. His arms are in a very wide V- not a good cheerleader V!
  15. They salute with one arm up, I believe the right arm (hand in looks better.) After a routine many boys bow their head instead of saluting.
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  16. LOL. all of d's coaches have always taught hand out...in a V :) and none have allowed the bow.
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